GameOnDaily E3 2015 Awards- Who are the winners?

Gameondaily pick the winners at E3 in different categories from best conference, to their game of the show

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StrayaKNT1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

One of the best E3s ever both Microsoft and sony did well but Microsoft won it for me with recore, gears 4 and sea of thieves. Bc was just icing on top of the cake and the elite controller looks incredible. Just imagine if Microsoft didn't hold anything back for gamescom WOW it is going to be epic.

Septic1193d ago

Yeah it was very close (I personally was edging towards Sony) but yeah, imagine if all the Gamescom games were shown off at E3. It would have been too much!

I hope we saw more of Recore and Sea of Thieves at Gamescom. A lot of promise with those titles!

Volkama1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

So.... you lost the fistfight in the bakery?

Fair play. People often underestimate bakery fisticuffs as a means to resolve a dispute, but sometimes the old ways are the best ways.

Septic1193d ago

Lmao! Yes I did Volkama but only just. Luckily for the others, my baguette of greatness wasn't ready just yet. Next year though!

christocolus1193d ago


Yeah.E3 was great this year. I think Sony and MS did really good. I also want to see Recore&Sea of thieves at Gamescom. I'm glad MS held some titles back. Scalebound, QB and CD will make Gamescom even more interesting this year and let's not forget there will be even more announcements at the show.

jb2271192d ago

I personally think the rollout of ReCore & Sea of Thieves was a bit bungled (the former more than the latter). Horizon showed the proper way to reveal a new ip: with a large chunk of proper compelling gameplay. Imagine if the first look we got a ReCore was actual gameplay first & those important creators shown in the final frame. That would've made for a true reveal. What we got instead was yet another cg trailer for a game w/ only the promise of its creators to go on. It was largely pointless to reveal in that form. Sea of Thieves was much better as it showed actual promise, but I would've preferred an on stage demo and a bit more info on what the game will truly be. The rest of the conference was great but those reveals were lackluster imo, especially when you stack it up against what Guerrilla did for Horizon.

VER1ON1193d ago

Nice article. I agree with you on most awards. Microsoft had an awesome conference and their BC announcment hit like a truck. Regarding the race game award, I feel that the upcoming Need for Speed deserves a spot as well.

Septic1193d ago

Yeah Need for Speed looks great but the exaggerated drifting mechanic really put me off. Visually its sunning!

StrayaKNT1193d ago

I felt the exact same way about the drifting mechanic. I'm obviously getting it but I just already know forza 6 will be better it looks absolutely magical.

medman1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

This is one of the first sites I've seen who thought Microsoft won E3....the overwhelming majority of sites chose Sony, and even the official game critics E3 awards were dominated by Sony. In fact, for those awards, not one single Microsoft exclusive game won an award, while many Sony exclusive games received that honor....



StrayaKNT1192d ago

Doesn't mean a thing. Evolve won over 100 awards at e3 and won best of e3 award everywhere and look how that turned out. Sea of thieves, a pirate mmo game is a winner alone and with recore, gears 4 and sea of thieves It was a easy win. When you speak to actual gamers they all think Microsoft won its just the few journalists who lean on sonys side but if you were to ask me id say Microsoft easily won with heaps of games coming this year and early next year. Waiting for shenmue development won't be fun and horizon alone isn't big enough.

medman1192d ago Sony also wins with gamers. So say the sales, so say the surveys. And Recore and Sea of Thieves showed no gameplay, only concept. Sorry. The winner is clear.

Show some evidence of your wacky assertions, or ssssshhhhhhhhhhhh......

StrayaKNT1192d ago

Lmaoooo dude no one is going to open your links I don't need to read what some groups of nerds think won E3. Sales you say? Cool halo 5 has 5 times more pre orders than any sony exclusive :) fact. And what's that metacritic link? You do know halo 1 is 97 and playable on xbox one making it highest rated exclusive right? Anyways unlike you, I own both consoles and xbox won by miles actually other than uncharted 4, nothing sony showed even got me excited because I'm not a Japanese gamer and jrpgs are like my least favourite genre.

medman1192d ago

LOL...the nerd says he doesn't need to read what other nerds say, but is so confused he thinks others will listen to his gibberish. Typical. No wonder he's confused about the situation. Yet another sufferer of buttus hurtus with a case of Sonyiswhippingmyass-itis.

Ron_Danger1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Don't worry medman, users with an actual understanding of conversation are on your side. Like how you posted links to back up your stance verses his claim of "halo 5 having 5x more preorders" with no links to back up his statement. Then he moves those goal posts even further to claim the original Halo counts as the highest rated exclusive on XB1.

And my favorite icing on the cake to any troll comment is the claim of owning all systems in order to not sound biased. To me, that's like a white person saying they have a black friend so they can say the "N" word. No one believes you.

LBPfan4471192d ago

"Sales you say? Cool halo 5 has 5 times more pre orders than any sony exclusive :) fact."

you mean according to vg charts? and US only?

and i thought you don't care about sales.