Why Microsoft will not attend the Tokyo Game Show this year?

Microsoft has been consistently trying to make their presence in the Japanese market with their gaming consoles, but unfortunately all their gaming consoles including the Xbox 360, the Xbox One and the OG Xbox have flopped in Japan. Actually, there are a lot of brand loyalists over there, Japanese gamers mostly stick with PlayStation and Nintendo gaming consoles.

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SaveFerris1290d ago

I think a private event might be the better way to go. I don't think many gamers in Japan will notice if MS is not present at TGS this year, (or possibly any year).

Sureshot1290d ago

They should notice. Microsoft deliver quality games. But whatever, their loss.

Septic1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Well clearly the games aren't to their liking. MS need to step up their game in Japan if they are going to bother at all.

What you think are great games and what the Japanese are interested in might be two different things.

HaveSumNuts1290d ago

Sony not showing up at Gamescom "Haa Sony suck balls". MS not showing up at TGS "Ohhh they won't notice".

breakpad1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

because MS still to convince Japanese (also Europeans and myself) with their games ...they had a small chance with X360 at its launch but completely lost it after PS3 stepped on its feet after the PS3 domination (still sells well there) and Xone's DRM/Kinect launch tragedy the game is lost for them ....and all these without including at all PS4 in the scene

donthate1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Japan is a declining console market and all the talent are disappearing. It is hardly worth investing into such a market.

Even PS4 only sold 1.5 million units and barely doing Dreamcast numbers.

Japan as a console gaming nation is dead!

MS would be stupid to continue investment there.

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Rookie_Monster1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

At this point I think it is better for MS just concentrate on Europe, as they are with a huge Gamescon incoming, than trying to be at an event that really pays no attention to your product. Resources should be used wisely. A private showing to reveal games can also work if MS wanted to show some new games.

Lets face it, the reality is MS don't have a Portable system and console gaming ain't what it once was in Japan and MS is at the bottom of the food chain in terms of console popularity in Japan so I am not surprise they are not there. The Wii U still lead in console sales there for heaven's sake when the XB1 clearly have better games. Most of the Japanese publishers that creates western type games won't all of a sudden stop making games for XB1 if they are not not a big lost..tbh.

But I will miss those "lovely" MS booth girls though. :(

fermcr1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Japanese don't care for western games, so unless Microsoft is willing to invest in a few exclusives JPRG's (more then last gen) or Japanese games, then why bother showing up in TGS.

We have already seen a few exclusive Japanese games announced for the PS4... as for the X1, there is only one that I know of, Scalebound. Microsoft needs more then that if they want to make a dent in Japan.

ScorpiusX1290d ago

They did all that with the 360 and what good did it do them . The only ones who benefited were those developer. MS no improvement in sales ,so why fatten developers pockets again if their no benefit for or any kind of return .

343_Guilty_Spark1290d ago (Edited 1290d ago )

Why do people think JRPGs are the answer? The real demand is mobile games not full blown console games. If Microsoft truly wants to make on roads in Asia they should focus on creating quality mobile games which they actually do make. free to play puzzlers, strategy, and action RPG mobile titles would seem more profitable than trying to push consoles in Japan and the rest of Asia.

rainslacker1290d ago

I am of the thought that TGS should be about Japanese...or asian games and the development community was it's original purpose. But for a while now it's been showcasing more and more western games.

MS does have a few Japanese developers making games exclusive for their system, but not enough to really make a full show out of it, which means they would end up showing a lot of western games as well.

I think they need more than just JRPG's. JRPG's can help drive sales for the big franchises like DQ or FF. The key to success is to have a good variety of games to not just hook buyers initially, but to keep them buying games and talking about the system. If all they're going for is getting an install base, then they will fail, because if you don't build good will, then you won't keep them for the long term, or getting those people to hype up your system.

jb2271290d ago

MS absolutely should hold a fan based conference like PSX. I think that's where the future of cons are going. Too many closed off to the general public at this point, each platform should hold a conference for their fans to allow them to get hands on w/ their future wares. The media is a bit jaded at this point & that's why we have the narrative that cons are less exciting than they once were or that they are dying out. If they opened them up for the public & even raffled off chances to see behind closed doors demos & the like, games conferences would get some much needed rejuvenation. I know that Phil mentioned that he'd like to hold one for MS after PSX was so successful but I'm not sure if it'll happen this year because they'd also want to announce some new ip's & I think after Gamescom MS will be spent as far as having announcements. If they did, I'd say it'd more likely happen sometime in 2016.

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sashimi1290d ago

They got nothing and showing western games aren't even worth it with such a small userbase for xbox1.

LazerShark1290d ago

You hit the nail on the head sashimi.

Simply put, with such a small install base and poor console sales, the XBONE is DOA in Japan.
If they want to compete in Japan, they need a lot of RPG's, strategy games, and (IMHO) weird borderline sex games.

Monstar1290d ago

Nothing to show....thats why!

corroios1290d ago

300 or 400 consoles sold each week? in a country with a population of 127 millions!!!!

bf0007779661290d ago

It's going down to reach two digits soon

kayoss1290d ago

Add to this, Japanese people are proud of their products and will support their home brand Sony and Nintendo. Its unfortunate actually because Xbox do have good games. Its just that the game do not resonated with the japanese culture and their taste.

MasterCornholio1290d ago

I honestly don't believe they have enough games to interest Japanese consumers.

By games I mean the games that the Japanese are interested in.

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