Bloodborne Patch 1.05 Is Now Live On PS4, Enables Level Scaling For Multiplayer

The latest update for Bloodborne is now available for download. This new update adds level scaling to the game's online multiplayer in addition to other bug fixes.

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pyroxxx1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

what does that even mean? Does it mean if I want to help someone,..on a lower level boss my stats will be as shit as his?

Skate-AK1191d ago

Reverse. If the level difference between the host and the guest when matched using a password is large, the guest’s stats will be adjusted to match the host’s

pyroxxx1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

So basically since I am way overpowerd for a zone,.. I can still play with people on beginning bosses?

That is good,.. but on the other hand,.. must always change tactics a lot for every enemy

thisismytag1191d ago

Something like that since you were previously able to invite people 100 levels over your own. I wonder what they will do to make pvp easier to join. Unfortunately, my level after playing the game for a long time is too high to pvp with most players in which case I wouldn't mind if the game de-leveled me to play pvp easier.

Skate-AK1191d ago

I will try to explain better. Say you are level 50 and your friend just got the game but wants to play where you are for whatever reason. Since you would be futher in the game, the enemies are way above his level. The game then scales his level to match yours so that he can play where you are without getting one hit killed. This only happens if you are hosting and have a password set. So if you join someone early in the game, neither of your levels will change since he is likey level appropriate for where he is in the story. Now if he jumped to where you are in the game, it would temporally level him up to make it more fair on him. I hope that makes more sense.

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alexg5871191d ago

Co op is just too broken in this game. The whole trying to get someone in your game is way too tedious

Arnon1191d ago

Maybe when it first released. It only takes a few seconds now.

LexHazard791191d ago

I need to buy this game! I had a buy 2 Get one free from gamestop. I bought witcher 3 and Batman. They didnt have used copy Bloodborne or used DS4. I had to leave with Wolfenstein instead. But Bloodborne will be my next puRchase no doubt even if I have to buy it new. Btw- ended up buying The Order for $20 new. Still havent fired it up but couldn't pass it up at that price..a bit off topic I know my bad. Good gaming.

Doja1191d ago

Haven't played in a while. Do they still kick the other player out when your doing coop, when you kill a mini boss in the chalice dungeon?

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