Witcher 3 - In The Shadow Of Dark Souls

"I just completed the Witcher 3.

"200 hours of magnificence. 200 hours of lush forests, dank dungeons, bloodthirsty monsters, and tyrannical kings.

"What an experience. What a game. So why am I not writing this article to sing its praises? Why is this article not entitled ‘Witcher 3: How I love thine gorgeous frosty beard’?

"Because Dark Souls, that’s why."

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ArchangelMike1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I completed The Witcher 3 and returned to trying to 100% MGS:Ground Zeroes. Does that mean that The Withcer 3 is not as good as Ground Zeroes? Hell No! It just means that I moved on, or rather returned to my previous gaming challenge.

It seems the author has done the same, but instead relegates The Witcher 3 to the 'shadow of Dark souls' - a place that is wholly unfair for it to be. The two games are different enough to be able stand side by side as examples of excellent RPG's.

shodan741196d ago

I actually had a very similar experience to the author, only with Bloodborne instead.

After spending 60+ hours in Yharnam, Witcher 3's combat and gameworld just felt that little bit underwhelming by comparison - though its excellent characters, side-stories and quests have kept me interested.

I'd say that From's universes are so all-encompassing when they pull you in, that everything else suffers slightly by comparison. It's part of the reason why they have such a fanatical fanbase.

I don't think the article's saying Witcher 3 isn't a great RPG. It's just that it doesn't quite stick in the mind and, ahem, the soul, quite as much afterward.

smolinsk1196d ago

Thw witchers game world underwhelming...WHAT??? its the best and most beautiful game world ever.

shodan741196d ago

While the world itself is packed with amazing characters and stories, the landscape as a whole just doesn't feel as special to me. It's vast, sure, but the forests, swamps and settlements don't quite pack the distinctive atmosphere, architecture and evocative tone that I got from Bloodborne.

Just my opinion - I know that many disagree!

Bimkoblerutso1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

I'm with you 100%

I love the Witcher 3, but I've always felt like the setting of the series is a bit too..."generic-medieval-f antasy." It's basically medieval times with Tolkien monsters.

Which is fine. I don't mind that setting, but the "horror-fantasy" setting of Bloodborne (and the Souls games in general) feels ridiculously creative and unique by comparison.

And I just have to say, it may be buried much deeper than the Witcher (and the Witcher certainly has Bloodborne beat with characterization, hands down), but if one takes the time to read item descriptions, listen to NPC's, and observe the environment, the story and lore in Bloodborne and the Souls games is every bit as rewarding as it's gameplay.

Grap1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Comparing Bloodborne world and Witcher world is just too ridiculous the first is shallow and the second have depth to it, just because you love fighting madmen with forks in it doesn't mean it's better.
Bloodborne gameplay is hands down better than witcher 3 gameplay other than that bloodborne got nothing on witcher.

Bimkoblerutso1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

^Here, watch this.

There's close to nothing in Bloodborne that is not rich with backstory if you take the time to read, listen, and look around.

Again, I agree that the Witcher trumps Bloodborne in traditional characterization and storytelling (in fact, it is easily some of the best in the industry), but there is some absolutely top notch lore and story underneath all the challenging gameplay in Bloodborne and Souls. Most people just don't know how to absorb it because it is not presented in the same way that 99% of narrative is presented in the industry.

diehardmetallicafans1196d ago

Yeah buying the witcher reminds me of when i blew 100 bucks on gta 5. im kickin myself for jumping in straight away and giving in to hype. ive done probably 10 quests (story and side) and ive spent probably 6 hours playing the witcher and far out those load times after dying. ive not touched it in days since rocket racers came out and i dont feel guilty at all for not playing it. the witcher 3 is no where near game of the year for me. especially with all the bugs.

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Juegaloo1196d ago

And Dark Souls is in the shadow of the Witcher 3 when it comes to story, dialogue, characters, world building and so on.

Bimkoblerutso1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Character-wise, I agree 100%. The Witcher is pretty much all about the characters and it shows. But story and lore wise, I think it's much closer than people give Dark Souls (and Bloodborne) credit for.

Back-to-Back1196d ago

Funny you left off the most important aspect to any game.....THE GAMEPLAY.

Dark111196d ago

No one play Witcher for the combat and no one play souls for the story characters, world building etc..

Different games have different priorities. simple as that.

Str8Chaos741196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Well said, totally agree. However, I enjoy the Witcher's combat. They are two totally different style of games and both are great.

Grap1196d ago

One of the most idiotic article i have ever read.

guyman1196d ago

The witcher 3 is better than dark souls in almost every way. That open world, lore, story, quests, content, graphics (yes, graphics) and in my opinion, has better gameplay. It's the most well rounded rpg i've ever played.

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