Konami announce their Gamescom playable demo line-up

Neil writes "Gamescom is fast approaching and it’ll be the first time much of Europe will be able to go hands-on with a number of new titles. Konami are bringing the big guns to the party and today have announced their show line-up!"

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Baka-akaB1246d ago

It's hilarious that they think they actually got a lineup with two titles

3-4-51245d ago

Actually really looking forward to PES 2016 a lot, but yea 2 games isn't a "lineup".

Baka-akaB1245d ago

yeah two great looking titles , but it's so wrong ..

deadpoolio3161245d ago

Uh who said Konami called it a lineup? Love it when mental midgets take something that was written on the internet and try to attach it to something else.

ryuuzakibjorn1246d ago

Title should read: "Konami announces that it's bringing it's last two games to Gamescom"

VsAssassin1245d ago

Oh no Yu-Gi-Oh? Not that I play it, but at least it can improve that weak list somewhat.

Konami, oh how have you fallen...

WitWolfy1245d ago

Its gonna be a tad underwhelming when most of it is probably going to be unannounced mobile games...

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