Halo: The Master Chief Collection – Defending the indefensible

"Defending Halo: The Master Chief Collection is another such thing; a game which caused a bigger stink on release than a skip full of spoiled sea-food. However, guess what; that’s just what I’m about to do, so steel yourself."

The Marb from Gameondaily reevaluates his thoughts on Halo: TMCC

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StrayaKNT1192d ago

Halo mcc is the still the best package filled with 5 amazing games and a top of the line multiplayer. The multiplayer release was horrible and should have been handled better but I'm happy they learnt their lesson and finally fixed it because it is so fun and addicting. Halo 5 is my most anticipated title and getting to play every campaign before it is just special.

Septic1192d ago

Yeah Halo: TMCC was botched up at launch and for FAR too long but even then, the package had SO MUCH content its ridiculous. Now that its working as intended, I hope the people that stopped playing the MP come back on. A great and extremely collection the likes of which is a rarity in this industry

LazerShark1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

The issue is I played it at launch at my friends house. This was when I was deciding if I will be purchasing the console, and I LOVE Halo games.

The amount of issues the game had (beyond broken multiplayer, not to mention texture pop ups and enemies randomly disappearing), made me pass on the XBONE.

I may check it out again later, but that collection left such a horrible taste in my mouth that its doubtful. Yes I know, I'm too unforgiving, yada, yada, yada - but its not like there is a lack of good (and not broken) games out there, and I still have a Steam backlog of over 100 that I have not even played.
Too much competition for my gaming dollar, and I pick the best. Plus I already played all the Halo games for hundreds of hours.

The-Marb1192d ago

Ignore the negative hype and pick this game up. For its SP and Coop elements its pretty much one of best things on the One at present.

timlot1192d ago

OK, I'm totally convinced that folks complaining about HaloMCC in its current forum haven't played the game. The game is fine.

Perjoss1192d ago

no offence, but it took you that long to figure this out?

daBUSHwhaka1192d ago

Just started playing this a few weeks ago, what I have played was butter smooth.Guess I just started at the right time.Great package for the price.Just a shame that Epic didn't do the Gears package like this with all the games on one disc, it really would have been superb.

Rookie_Monster1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Are we still beating this dead horse? the games is working fine for months now. Add to that I got a free ODST expansion and 3 extra months for the launch matchmaking issue is fine with me. There are so much content like 4 campaigns, a Halo 5 Beta that have kept me busy in the beginning. The value here is unbelievable, sure the heck beats out any other $60 collection that don't even have MP included at all.

Can't wait for Halo 5!

The-Marb1192d ago

We are attempting to revive the dead horse...or at least applying def-fib pads. :)

I cant wait for Halo 5 either

jb2271191d ago

I'd personally rather have a solid & well built smaller package than a larger broken one (also, Uncharted is obviously a single player experience first & foremost while Halo has typically been a multiplayer experience first, and its fair to say that a large majority of launch purchasers picked the game up in order to play online). Its great that they've fixed it but it should've never shipped as a broken product, no matter how great the rest of its components were. It was a case of MS bolstering their all-important holiday lineup at the expense of the very fans that make their games profitable. Devs & Publishers need to learn these lessons, and if it means beating a dead horse, then so be it. Better to beat that dead horse than to put down the live one that is the whole of gaming with shady practices such as these.

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The story is too old to be commented.