How rule after rule is ruining the Australian gaming industry

New games classification, higher prices, development funding cuts… what else faces the gaming industry in Australia?

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KryptoniteTail1193d ago

Too bad, that's a dictatorship for you. America has much more freedom and honestly I think Australians should do whatever is within their power to combat this, but I don't know what they can really do about it. I could never live there.

SunnyZ1193d ago

Honestly, we are just waiting for all the old farts to die so we can have a proper vote not tainted by the media.

Literally all they do is sit around all day, watch TV media all of which is owned by Rupert Murdoch, the same old fart that runs Americans media empire, get brainwashed, and vote for retards who only have big business interests in mind.

Look at our recent mess, Tony Abbot. What a complete tool.

SunnyZ1193d ago

And this is why all smart people in Australia pirate games that are censored/not available here due to censorship.
I'm not paying for a dumbed down version to appeal to the old farts who run this cuntry..

Or as Cartman would say.

SunnyZ1193d ago

Yes, spend extra money for no reason...

Or just go digital, currently little to no restrictions on PC games.

It's the console gamers that get slammed hard.

BUT they are now deciding to come down on digital content here too... Like make things more expensive to get digitally.

Talk about ass backwards mentality.

Welcome to Australia...