From Sony to Microsoft and Many, Many More: the Gaming Industry Pays Homage to Satoru Iwata

Many among the gaming industry took to social media to pay homage to the coder that became President that is no more among them but will forever remain in their memories.


Updated with Nintendo's homage and many more.

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Relientk771192d ago

The passing of Iwata is the saddest news I've heard in a long time

Summons751192d ago

It is sad, and what's even sadder is the same trolls who were calling him the worst thing to happen to Nintendo before are now pretending that they are sad, so far I haven't seen any comments in bad taste which is good. Good on Sony and MS to show their respects too.

Agent_00_Revan1192d ago

No matter if he was good or bad for the company, his death is still very sad, especially for his young age.

DragonKnight1192d ago

As a business man, Iwata was nowhere near the level he was as a programmer. The man was a master of coding but he steered the business side of Nintendo into many unfortunate roads. That said, any gamer worth their salt has to pay respect to what he did for gaming. Without him there would be no Earthbound. Without him, there would be no Pokemon Gold and Silver. There are many things he did for gaming that are deserving of respect.

_-EDMIX-_1192d ago

boooo get out of here Dragon with you damn comments!

He was a great CEO (disregards Wii U sales, lack of new releases etc)

Concertoine1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


No. He was a damn good CEO as well. He is credited with producing some of the highest selling consoles of all time, as well as saving HAL Lab when he was president there. He dun goofed in some of his latter years, but that doesn't negate his previous decades of success. The Wii, DS, and 3DS were all resounding successes, it was just the Wii U that failed under his head. And even then, he found a way to turn a profit in the end.

Iwata's tenure as president started in 2004:

I'm not sure what you would call that, but producing the biggest numbers in a century old company's history and making more in one year than the rival companies made in an entire generation is not bad business.

The man's fault was with the fans, not the numbers. But now's not the time to discuss that, at all.

Spotie1192d ago

Regardless of what people think of his business sense, it's still sad that he's gone.

ABizzel11192d ago


Saying someone is a bad CEO / has a bad vision for a company, in no way is even remotely close to wishing death upon that person.

You can not like what someone is doing, that doesn't mean you want that person dead, and it's something that the mature among us can manage to put aside for this moment as he's no longer with us, and his family has to endure this loss.

You should have held some restraint and left you comment to yourself. This is not a time to even entertain trolling, have some respect and maturity, give your condolences and move on.

oricon1192d ago

Iwata is one of the few people i really respect, He stood up against turning Nintendo into every other company and kept games about gameplay. If you look at most of the next gen non nintendo or last gen highest rated games they were mainly cinematic games where you press button and the game enters a cutscene and does all the stuff for you. He stood up for the dying breed of players that just want to play the game and not have the game play themselves, and he stood against nintendo from investing highly into mobiles. Hes a legend, i saw alot of c*** from this site bashing him wanting him dead so someone else takes over and hopefully in their eyes turn nintendo into a sony or microsoft. I hope those people feel happy for themselves.

Bigpappy1192d ago

Disagreeing with someone o policy, does not equate to wishing them dead. You can venomously disagree with someone, without wishing them harm. some fanboys might not grasp that concept, but that's how normal people live.

TheDivine1192d ago

Just because someone called him out doesn't mean they cannot be genuinely sad that he passed. I think he needed to step down but I respect him for his years of dedication and what he has done in the past. Still the wii was a terrible console, the WiiU is terrible, their sales only pick up when a gimmick catches fire like motion controls. They deliver very few games and the majority of them are the same old same old platformers. Their online is outdated, their systems lack features and are underpowered. They focus on shoehorning impossible to locate toys to sell games. Their handheld took four revisions to add a second circle pad. Fans have petition for months and years to get games localized. Wrong direction.

Still I respect him for his games he made and not whoring out the brand. A lesser man would've caved to shareholders and milked dlc, put every game on mobile, and went the westernized route that destroyed Capcom, Konami, and Sega. His death doesn't undue all his negative decisions and it doesn't undue his positive ones. This is life not a console war where you either agree with the bandwagon or disagree. Whether you agree with him or not he was a genuinely good guy with an amazing amount or respect and humility. I am sad that he died at a time when the whole gaming community was chastising Nintendo even if it was more than justified. Doesn't mean we didn't care or admire him. We only complain because we care.


LOL_WUT1192d ago

Just to clarify the hate came from his business side of things so don't get it mixed up with something that's not ;) And just because we criticize the company doesn't mean we are heartless.

R.I.P Iwata

BrandanT1192d ago


Maybe they're not pretending. Maybe death finally opened their eyes to how great Iwata truly was.

Iwata's kind, humble, and charismatic attitude to the gaming community is something that I'm really going to miss.

MasterCornholio1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

"who were calling him the worst thing to happen to Nintendo before are now pretending that they are sad"

Whats sad is how your disrespecting Iwata by placing his life on the same level as some business decisions that he made.

Regardless of what I thought of him as a CEO I never wanted him to die so young. The loss of a human life is a very serious matter and I can imagine his loved ones are distraught over what happened.

Next time have some respect for him instead of dragging comments about trolls into this.

Griever1192d ago

What has business decisions got to do with feeling sad for his death? Do you want people to be happy or mock his death just because they werent happy with business choices? Do you want people to troll his death too? Great time to bring up trolling. :-/ Actually, you are the one trolling by inciting anger and responses from people by making such a comment. Otherwise everyone was just giving their condolences.

-Foxtrot1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Calling someones mistakes does not mean you're not going to care if that person dies

I didn't like where he was taken the company, I wanted him to step down....but to die.....I'm not a monster. However I'm not going to be fake and go through that phase of changing my entire opinion of him because he's no longer with us.

So i think these apparent "trolls" still care, no one is that heartless

Apollosupreme1192d ago

Not that I was bad mouthing this man, but you need to learn to differentiate between games and life.

RIP Mr. Iwata, may you be in a better place in peace.

KillerPwned1192d ago

In the end no one has ever been really against each other its all about living a dream and revolutionizing the gaming industry to live on.

cell9891192d ago

he was too young to die, regardless of how he managed Nintendo, Im sure he was a good family man

TedCruzsTaint1192d ago


Show a little respect to a man at his passing. Learn to be just a little bit decent.

Just even a little bit.

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Mega241192d ago

Iwata hasn't made the greatest decision when it came to the third party support of the Wii U. That doesn't change the fact that his contributions along Miyamoto's helped the gaming industry prosper. I pay my respects to Mister Iwata, as I enjoyed the games he worked on.

R.I.P. Mister Iwata.

ChristopherJack1192d ago

They actually tried to regain third party support this gen, it mostly failed due to weak performance.

oricon1192d ago

read what i said alot people on this site have specifically said they rather see him dead because they felt like he wouldn't budge from his position and now i see the same people acting sad.


Iwata was every bit as good of a businessman as he was a coder. Under his tenure as president/ceo of Nintendo we were given the DS, 3DS, Wii, and Amiibo all of which are WILDLY successful platforms and products. People try to use the Wii U to slight him and his impact on gaming when in fact that is all but a grain of sand on the beach that is his long and illustrious career... Troll harder.

Long live Iwata-san!

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jholden32491192d ago

I feel like he really cared. He REALLY cared about making fun games more than making money. The man refused to lay off employees in hard times and took voluntary pay cuts when times were rough just to help the company

justlikeme1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

R.I.P may your spirit and soul bless future Nintendo products.

KonsoruMasuta1192d ago

Yeah, he will be missed. I know this must be hard on the people who worked with him closely.

TwoForce1192d ago

He was the first guy who make me become a gamer. Not just I'm become Playstation Gamer, but also become big part of Gaming Community. Even you are Xbox Gamer, Playstation Gamer, Nintendo Gamer or PC Gamer. We are GAMER, That's all matter. RIP IWATA.

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