These were Satoru Iwata’s biggest moments in Nintendo history

GotGame: These will help you remember how influential Iwata was for Nintendo.

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DiscoKid1197d ago

Probably explains the use of puppets the last time, because he wasn't in shape to make a physical appearance.

DVAcme1197d ago

That's exactly what I said, that the Muppets was a way for Iwata-San to make an appearance without letting on if his health had deteriorated. It makes their last E3 conference very bittersweet.

Tedakin1197d ago Show
PhoenixUp1197d ago

The last time I saw Iwata, he was a Muppet

tweet751197d ago

he left a legacy of gaming for the ages...his muppet can live on indefiently

Grap1197d ago

I kinda feel dick when i joked about these Muppet.

MasterCornholio1197d ago

Your not the only one.

I said that they used puppets because they didn't take the digital event seriously.

If only I knew.......

For those who were offended by my joke I am so sorry.


SegaGamer1196d ago

You shouldn't, how could you have known the probable reason for why they used them ?

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