GTAV - Modders Report Performance Degradation With The Latest Update Due To Anti-Modding Protections

It appears that the latest update for GTA V PC came with a performance hit due to Rockstar’s newly introduced anti-modding protections.

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crazychris41241291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

This has to be one of the worst years for PC. How many more companies are going to treat us like crap? How hard is it to separate online and offline assets so modders can roam free without harming the integrity of vanilla mp? They only made a trillion bucks with this game, Im sure they can hire somebody to figure it out. Just make a GTA 5 single player mods only download. Yea it might be another huge download we have to download but at least we have the freedom to do what we want. Only reason I bought the game for PC was for the modding.

Crimzon1291d ago

Does this only affect modders or also normal users as well? I ask because I was going to buy this game on PC since I think it would run nicer than my PS4 version does, but I saw a lot of complaints form people on forums who said GTA5 ran brilliantly on PC at launch, but recent patches have introduced a lot of performance issues and stuttering that have made the game unplayable for some due to the severe downgrade in framerate after these patches were released.

It's really bizarre to see a game praised universally for superb performance on all kinds of hardware, then lose all of that performance in subsequent patches which people have no way of declining because they'll be locked from accessing the game if they do, even in singleplayer.

It's my understanding that this is a problem for people who aren't modding the game as well, since I've seen a lot of complaints from people purely running vanilla?

It's odd as well because I remember a huge uproar when Rockstar released a patch for the PS4/XB1 versions of the game that downgraded the graphics for some strange reason. A lot of people noticed and Rockstar apologized and quickly released a patch to restore the graphics to how they originally were. It seems like they're really screwing the game up with all these constant patches, and neither the console or PC versions are safe from the endless tampering Rockstar is doing that's harming the game and user experience. GTA5 is probably the first time I've ever seen a game get worse with each patch rather than better. Do they know what they're doing?

Glemt1291d ago

Well, I haven't read too much into it, but I have played GTA V on the 360 many, may hours, and have now sunk many hours in the PC version.
I used to be able to play it at 40-50 fps on average, but now struggle to get 30 at times. So yeah, since the new patches performance has definitely gone down.

(AMD R9 290 btw)

Glemt1291d ago

I agree, it should be optional to separate them at least. I barely play online (one might even say extremely rarely) but I hate that I have to check for mods again and again after every patch.
There is just so much more to do with mods, like taking the speed limiter off, better police etc. to create more immersion or just go bananas and shoot cars out of your gun if you like that sort of thing.
Who are the SP-players harming with these mods? No-one...

liran1291d ago

When there's no real "owner" to the PC gaming - companies can do any shit they can think of.

stupid changes like this will never hit the consoles, or stupid ports

memots1291d ago

if they kept the modding from going online then there would be no issue.

I am all for offline modding. But when you start ruining everyone games online with that sh*t then... Thats the reason they are trying to stop modding.