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"It doesn’t seem all that long ago we were getting excited for Magic 2015: Duels of the Planeswalkers. But a year has already passed and with it comes the latest iteration in this long running collectible card game, Magic Duels: Origins. True to its nature, Origins doesn’t deviate from the well polished Magic: The Gathering formula. But more than any other version of Magic, Wizards of the Coast has stripped away layer after layer of complexity to welcome new players into the fold. This alone makes Origins the definitive digital version of Magic."

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shipnabottle1192d ago

Will be interesting to see how this goes competing against Hearthstone. Magic has such an intimidating reputation it's a bit of a barrier for them to overcome before new players start flocking to it.

They need some good marketing to position it as "easy to learn, hard to master" like Blizzard has so successfully done.

SlappingOysters1192d ago

Big calls to say this is the best considering Hearthstone now and The Elder Scrolls Legends incoming, but good to see Magic at least competing.