Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Story Fully Detailed Through Voice Actors

Everybody’s Gone to The Rapture is a first-person adventure game, developed by The Chinese Room and published by Sony, that allows you to explore an open world that its narrative structure plays a major role in gameplay. Creative Director Dan Pinchbeck shares the info through the website’s blog.

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Mostafeto1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Now I actually can't wait till this game releases. I even have a countdown working on my phone for each of my desired games and I put this one on my home screen. haha

IamTylerDurden11291d ago

I love the 1980's English countryside type setting and the fascinating premise of this apocalyptic event and attempting to piece together what happened and why. It's gorgeous visually and the beautifully serene setting juxtaposed w/this eerily cataclysmic event is enticing.

Can't wait to explore.

IamTylerDurden11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Rapture and The Vanishing of Ethan Carter both deserve more hype. Awesome looking games, Rapture is August and Ethan Carter is on Tuesday i believe. The Chinese Room makes games w/a tiny studio that look like they were made by a large team.

Mostafeto1291d ago

Many games are like this my friend just because they can't afford to throw a huge marketing campaign or get a famous person to promote their game then this means that their game is bad. Not at all, in fact these small developers actually put effort into their games because they are people who love the industry unlike the already big corporation developers who just treat making games as a job therefore lacks the passion and drive every single person in an indie developer's team has and puts into their game and you can feel it when you play.

IamTylerDurden11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Right, small teams get to follow through more on their vision, larger games with huge financial backing typically have publishers tainting the project. Don't get me wrong Rapture has plenty of funding and it looks gorgeous and open with AAA visuals, but it's exciting to play a game that looks this impressive yet the developer was able to have total control in creating their own vision.

I was simply saying i want ppl to get hyped for Rapture and Ethan Carter, i want them to sell so we can continue to get beautiful passionate projects like this in the future. Sony Santa Monica did lend a hand with some of the technical aspects in order to achieve those AAA visuals, they're good like that. Ethan Carter runs on Unreal engine 4 and looks beautiful as well, exciting to see fully developed games on pS4 running on Unreal 4.

Takwin1290d ago

Pumped for this game. I really enjoyed Ethan Carter and think this looks far superior due to setting and plot. I really enjoyed Gone Home, but I think Tacoma looks even better due to setting and plot.

I love deep games like The Witcher, Mass Effect, XCOM, and TLOU, but I also enjoy "walking simulator" games quite a bit too.

Does anyone know the price? Is this a $15 game? $25? $40?

phoenixwake1290d ago

Game looks gorgeous, hopefully it's more "Ethan Carter", and less "Gone Home" or "Dear Esther". I like more game with my graphics.