Why I Sympathize With Shenmue III's Most Hardcore Fans

Kotaku: I’ve never played any of the Shenmue games, but I can certainly relate to the attachment. Back in the 90s, I discovered a series with an even worse title that would also go on to become a cult classic: Suikoden. Suikoden changed my life. Suikoden II, chock full of translation gaffes and errors, made me realize that video games can tell emotionally resonant stories in a way no other medium can. Suikoden III persuaded me to fake sick and stay home from school for a week. Suikoden IV was kinda disappointing, sure, but Suikoden V was a true return to form, and I spent the two weeks before its official release date calling my local game store just to see if they’d maybe by some chance gotten an early copy? The series grabbed me in ways that nothing else really has.

Like Shenmue, the Suikoden series remains unfinished—all five games have left loose threads and teased an ultimate showdown that never came—and the publisher, Konami, has no interest in bringing it back.

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johndoe112111194d ago (Edited 1194d ago )

We don't want your sympathy. What we wanted was for the media to actually do their jobs and get all the information before they decided to collectively assassinate the kickstarter for clicks. The damage was done and now all we can hope for is the best possible game Yu can give us with his final budget. What the media needs to do is to feel sympathy for the dilapidated state of gaming journalism and actually attempt to fix it.

ritsuka6661193d ago

Really well said, the media ruined the kickstarted campaing.

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bennissimo1193d ago

I thought Sony was set to fund the remainder of the game. Has that changed?

Monkey5211193d ago

It was never the case. Sony came out the next day saying that their deal was only to cover basic publishing costs for the PS4 port + cover marketing. They aren't paying for development.

johndoe112111193d ago

When was that ever the case in the first place?

Spotie1193d ago

And that, bennissimo, is exactly the point.

bennissimo1193d ago

I feel bad for Yu, but considering the market never naturally supported Shenmue 3, I'm not surprised that the kickstarter didn't do as well as some would have hoped.

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pwnsause_returns1193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

It's why we can't have nice things in life cause of dicks like kotaku ruining it for everyone. Oh and polygon too......

The way this kickstarter was going before the controversy, I was hopeful we were gonna get to over 7 million..but not anymore....

I still think it can overtake bloodstained as highest funded kickstarter for a video game.

OB1Biker1193d ago

Dont forget Game Informer and a few others. The gaming media demonstrated to be not much more than the equivalent of tabloids gibberish in the press.

tiffac0081193d ago

I'm a backer of Shenmue 3 and if for some miracle a Kickstarter for Suikoden VI appears, I will back that too.

PhatGokuu1193d ago

Sony wanted to bring them on stage they should fund it plain and simple pay what you have to and turn it ps exclusive

caseh1193d ago

Sony know it won't sell well which is why they were never willing to pick up the tab. Sega games in general just don't sell well these days.

It's a sequel to a 15 year old game being released on a platform which has a relatively small user base (in comparison to PS3 etc). Many people probably haven't played 1 + 2 so why would they buy 3 without knowing the story?

My pledge has gone in for $60 and I have my fingers crossed that it's a good game but then i'm in there because I want more Shenmue, theres literally nothing here to bait people who are not fans so why should Sony pick it up?

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ps4lifesucka1193d ago

So no one at Kotaku played Shenmue...? This is what's wrong with gaming journalism. We're being told what games are good or bad from people that's clearly don't have the respect needed to do so... Stop supporting these sites please.