Marvel Games May Be Coming To Consoles Soon

Marvel Games producer Mike Jones was present during the panel Marvel conducted at San Diego Comic-Con today and he answered a fan question regarding whether Marvel would shift their focus from mobile onto console and develop more games for it.

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Mostafeto1288d ago

I would like to see more super hero themed games on consoles. We need them

robtion1288d ago

They need to reboot X-men mutant acadademy from ps1. They were some fun fighting games.

Anthotis1288d ago

X-Men or Marvel Online in the style of DCUO and Champions would be awesome.

Maddens Raiders1288d ago

It's wayyyyy overdue for a proper Marvel game. The Marvel Universe is mind blowingly huge and deeply layered. Marvel comics games - done right - have boundless potential.

Mostafeto1288d ago

@Maddens Raiders anyone who read at least some of Marvel's comics will see how amazing they can be and instantly imagine an amazing video game.

just_looken1288d ago

How long do you think this will last? remember people marvel had all of its games pulled just over a year ago do to licensing.

CorndogBurglar1288d ago

3rd person, cover based, open world Punisher game please!

xfiles20991288d ago

Bring Marvel Heroes to PS4 and Xbone ASAP

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Mostafeto1288d ago

Wow that would be a dream come true or maybe even better games like a decent Iron Man game or an actual X-Men game since in my opinion X-Men is THE MOST Marvel comic that can be turned into an AMAZING game because of their powers and stories revolving around them.

robtion1288d ago

Xmen Origins Wolverine on ps3/360 was an awesome game and hugely underrated. I would like to see a similar game on current gen.

-Foxtrot1288d ago

Marvel need a studio like Rocksteady to make a hit Superhero game

I think the most obvious one to start off with would be Spiderman. Swinging round New York, doing missions, finding easter would be like Batman.

robtion1288d ago

I feel like we have seen enough Spiderman games already. An open world Xmen game would be cool though.

Mostafeto1288d ago

Yes I see Robition agrees with me that X-men is the best and first choice Marvel should start with as their lead console game.

-Foxtrot1288d ago

Yeah by crappy Activision and you could say the same about X-Men

X-Men: The Official Game
X-Men: Destiny
X-Men Origins: Wolverine



Oh well if robtion says we need an X-men game then gosh damn looks like we really need one /s

Mostafeto1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

@-Foxtrot I didn't mean that robtion is the reason I chose X men you idiot and take care this is my last comment bubble but I am going to reply with something that will shut you up. I agree that Activision can't be handed the development of any Marvel game if they intend to make one but don't tell me you can't imagine an open-world X-men game with several playable characters and a deep storyline. If not X-men then what ? Spiderman ? Way too many Spiderman games already. Iron man ? Not that attractive and won't appeal to everyone so in my opinion the first grade choice would be X-men of course

PS: Read the comics first then talk please

Baka-akaB1288d ago (Edited 1288d ago )

It's a bit weird to see someone say "read comics first" after dismissing everything as not interesting or with as much potential as X-Men .

Considering the trends with Marvelcomics were for the last decade or so , with the Avengers and Spiderman dominating , and with the way Marvel is less focusing on the Xmen and F4 , because of their own movie licensing woes with Fox ... you're much more likely to see an Avengers game , or a first videogame push for the Inhumans and Guardians of the Galaxy .

Hell it did heavily affect the roster of Marvel vs Capcom 3

-Foxtrot1287d ago


Read the Comics First......ME?



Oh and "idiot"...nice


"It's a bit weird to see someone say "read comics first" after dismissing everything as not interesting or with as much potential as X-Men"

I know....which is why I can't be arsed to fully counter comment. Not worth the time if he's saying that but doesn't have a clue what he's talking about

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robtion1288d ago

Now now, let's not drag me into your petty arguments please.

You are right too Foxtrot, a quality Spiderman or Xmen game would be nice. We're all friends here, no need for negativity ;)

chrisx1288d ago

its about time marvel start making quality console games,they have been dulling on this aspect

DragoonsScaleLegends1288d ago

Does Marvel license Spider-Man to Activision for the games or does Sony? If it's Marvel I have no hope for any games they start projects for. If it's Sony they need to pull their head out their ass and make it themselves. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 was the worst game I've played on PS4.

Immorals1288d ago

Wow.. That's awful! Thought youtube was buffering!

DragoonsScaleLegends1288d ago

Yeah it's not YouTube's fault this time lol. I don't know why but the game just started running really bad randomly when I first started playing. It hasn't done this again but it was really bad and considering this was one of my first experiences playing on PS4 it was extremely disappointing. This game looks like a PS2 game in HD and the gameplay itself even sucks. I never saw this low frame-rate issue when my bro played this game but I never played it again to find out how often it happens. I just couldn't play it anymore after the realization that I pre-ordered a piece of trash for $60.

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