Never Played Shenmue? Watch Us Play The First Hour

GI writes: "With Shenmue 3's Kickstarter officially funded, numerous people in Game Informer's community sent in requests for complete Super Replay playthroughs of the first two games in the Shenmue series. Several Game Informer staffers also expressed interest in either revisiting this series or seeing it for the first time. Since we already have numerous Super Replay projects in the works, yet wanted to get a Shenmue playthrough going now, we decided to record it as a crowd-driven experiment of sorts."

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TeamLeaptrade1197d ago

I'm actually considering getting a Dreamcast just to play this and many other great games. I've always wanted a Dreamcast anyways.

Sitdown1197d ago

I repurchased a Dreamcast years about a decade ago from Goodwill, but refuse to pay the markup for Shemmue...still kicking myself for selling my original copy. Also there is a emulated for all the NES, SNES games.

rainslacker1197d ago

I wouldn't normally condone piracy, but it's fairly easy on the DC, and no modification is required. Plus there aren't really enough Shenmue copies to go around, since many people don't sell their copy, so likely most people couldn't get it anyways.

I have a feeling if the hype continues for the sequel, then Sega will be motivated to release the remaster which rumor suggests is already done.

Stringerbell1197d ago

Don't want to be that guy but collecting for the DC nowadays is getting expensive especially Shenmue. Now off course you could play Shenmue on the DC by other means but many of the copies floating around out there are heavily compressed and actually take away from the experience. If you do go the emulation way stick to the Revive DC releases. Though I would highlysuggest emulation on the PC. As a DC enthusiast it pains me to say this but at the end of the day the authentic Shenmue experience could cost you close to $200.

rainslacker1197d ago

If you think DC collecting is getting expensive, go take a look at PC-Engine collecting. Any game released in the US is going to be at least $50, and the average is usually around $100. For the popular games on the system ,they get up there to $200-300 dollars for complete packages.

Collecting market is going to hell because too many people are doing it for profit and not for the love of it.:(

Otherwise, i agree with you. I found my copy of Shenmue at a garage sale with a DC and 10 other games about 5 years ago. Sold my original when I was younger. I ended up spending $20 for the whole box of games and the system. Sold the system and a few of the games I already had on Ebay for $ was a pretty good find.:)

Stringerbell1196d ago

Yeah those PC engine prices, some are just crazy. And yeah resellers have killed the scene pretty much. Dont get me wrong deals cans till be had but so many systems out there are just meant for those with deep pockets. At this point I say if you looming just for the experience and not for the prestige of 'look at what I have' just emulate.

rainslacker1196d ago

What annoys me is that a lot of these marked up games aren't even terribly rare, and you can routinely find them up for sale. When people see the high price, they jack up their own prices, and I guess eventually people do buy them. Usually to get something you want at a reasonable price, trading rare games works better.

I personally wait for people that sell them from Japan, or buy big lots of games from there where they come out to about $2-3 a piece. I have most US titles. The ones I don't have actually are pretty rare and are usually priced even higher.

icerob1197d ago Show
kratoz12091197d ago

Never played shenmune before but I still got behind the kickstarter pledged $60
Gunna look for a complete playthrough of the first two and watch them.

kevnb1197d ago

I remember playing shenmue 2 on Xbox, "yes I understand"

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