Microsoft’s Major Nelson and Sony’s Adam Boyes Show How Fans of Rival Consoles Should Behave

Industry events and conventions like San Diego Comic Con aren’t just a chance to oogle on our favorite games, but also for industry professionals of all affiliations to meet and exchange ideas, and even to play with each other’s games and consoles.

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-Foxtrot1192d ago

Doesn't really help when both companies usually end up stirring the pot themselves.

Software_Lover1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

"this is how you borrow games on ps4"

"we don't charge you to play the games you already own"

Edit: @multiplatguy...... Microsoft

Multiplatguy1192d ago

Who said the second quote about paying to play games you already own?

BattleAxe1192d ago


Microsoft said it at this year's E3, when they announced backwards compatibility.

YodaCracker1192d ago

Microsoft said that when announcing backward compatibility at this year's E3.

TheColbertinator1192d ago

Microsoft,at this year's E3,said it when they announced backwards compatibility


Godmars2901192d ago

Sony was talking about titles on current systems whereas MS giving you access to games on a former system, and that's conditional upon general interest.

Rookie_Monster1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

The difference between those 2 quotes is currently only one of those remains true.

Both can allow games to be borrowed the old fashion way now while only one allows you to play the games you already own without charge.

mushroomwig1192d ago

"We don't charge you to play the games you already own, now here's the Rare games collection and Gears of War remastered version for the Xbox One"

If it was a dig at Sony, it didn't make any sense for that reason.

4Sh0w1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Well truthfully they DO take jabs from time to time at each other but thats just normal in business to try to one up your competition. Likewise BOTH gaming communities should also be vocal about their preference, its only the hate thats not needed.

In reality the executives are friendly with each other, unlike fanboys theres a line you dont cross and they respect each least I can't recall Yoshida/Sony or Phil/Microsoft making personal attacks or flat out degrading what the other offers, nah just normal stuff like "____ is the best place to play".

-So yeah both gaming communities could learn alot about how to behave from Microsoft and Sony.

-Foxtrot1192d ago


Pretty much what I'm talking about

Then there's this...

Which is fair enough but at a rival companies launch party ¬¬

JasonKCK1192d ago

Rookie Monster "The difference between those 2 quotes is currently only one of those remains true."

So true, but some people around here like to pretend it never happened, and that thinking about it and doing it are the same thing. Ironic part is the one that said "no DRM" and "no always online" is now the heaviest with DRM and online checks. Or the whole "can't just flip a switch" fiasco. I just SMH every time these PR people talk.

MasterCornholio1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


Your right about that Rookie.

But the first qoute did the most harm to the competitor in my opinion.

Spotie1192d ago

@Jason: I only thought about killing you in slow, brutal, painful ways. That you figured out what I was planning and stopped me ahead of time means all is forgiven, right?


1192d ago
r2oB1192d ago

@ rookie monster

Neither Sony or Microsoft charge you to play games you already own. I own hundreds of games, and I do not have to pay any additional money to play them. Would you like to know how? I simply turn on the console I bought the games for and play them. Pretty simple.

rainslacker1192d ago

@Software Lover and Foxtrot

I don't really think most jabs overall are that damaging to either side. They pander to the fans and hardcore forum goers who likely already know what they want. The layman will not even pick up on the connotations. The Sony used games one is one that was damaging, but that was something that was pretty relevant at the time, and MS did most of the damage to itself long before that video ever came out.

Things like the Sony video though may make people wonder why that had to be clarified if they weren't keeping up...if they even saw the video at all. Very rarely do those jabs really have any bearing on the way things are, but occasionally they can hit home.

While I do often find these little jabs humorous, I actually prefer the ones where they take jabs at themselves or between their in house developers.

At the same time, this continuous trend that every success has to be congratulated on by the competition is getting kind of dumb. It's getting to the point where they seem like they want to play nice with each other on the competition field, but then go and do stupid stuff like make jabs at one another in their conferences. I'd prefer they mostly just stick to their own platform, and maybe just dish out the congratulations for the most special of moments....not just because they concluded a conference.


As far as I can tell, neither of those comments is actually relevant. Difference is, when Sony made theirs, it was true that they were the only ones that could do it, whereas when MS did it, it isn't true that Sony is making you pay to play your old games. They are making you pay to play games streamed from the PSNow servers. That's not BC, and Sony never marketed it as such. Technically though, Sony's jab is still true, because that is how you trade games on the PS4 still. Just because you can do that now on the X1, doesn't make Sony's original video untrue.

Pogmathoin1192d ago

Good link there Fox.... You must have a huge library of MS hate always ready for when you need it..... I remember Commodore Amiga having a huge billboard outside Sega's London HQ..... To be this good, will take Sega ageS...... Just good smart business....

MasterCornholio1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


"If Microsoft's fanbase didn't reject the new policy Sony's fanbase would be in the same boat"

If that happened the PS4 would have launched just the same without any draconic DRM system in it. The result of that would have been even worse for Microsoft which is why they changed their policies in the last minute. Plus it wasn't just Microsofts fanbase that rejected it, it was almost everybody that did.

Spotie1192d ago

@shyronnie: I think it's hilarious how some of you still think that nonsense. Even though Sony debunked that stupid plan before the XB1 was even unveiled, you guys persist in pushing that.

XanderZane1192d ago

What's funny about Sony's quote, "This is how you borrow games on the PS4" is that it's the exact same way you borrow games on the XB1 as well. lol!! Microsoft quote is actually still true. MS was referring specifically to the XBox 360 games. If you already own them you'll be able to play most of them on the XB1 at the end of the year and all through 2016 and beyond. With the PS4, you'll have to pay some kind of fee to play PS3, PS2 and PS1 games on their PS4 through their PSNow service.

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Thatguy-3101192d ago

Just like south park pointed it out. These companies get the most out of having their user base go against each other. That's the reason they instigate parts of the demographic.

TheOtherVitaOwner1192d ago

If your letting a company stir you up, you should probably reexamine your priorities

N0TaB0T1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

This. So sick of brand hostility.

Like half the people that have a sensory overload for any platform ever productively contribute to the brand they worship other than word of mouth/keyboard... :/

Godmars2901192d ago

I've been done with consumers going against their own interest in defending a company they buy products from.

The fanboy BS didn't really rev up until RRoD and the MS fan camp going on attacking mode in forums.

-Foxtrot1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

I didn't say me did I...I just pointed out they are hypocrites when both companies stir the pot themselves

I don't remember saying "They really wind me up" /s

Thatguy-3101192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Not really. It's no different to how sports play out. At least here we get games that we play as the end result of competition rivalry.

Kribwalker1192d ago


Once again trying to blame MS and their fans, these things revved up before sony and MS were even in the console game

Godmars2901192d ago

How does a decades old magazine ad on Sega vs Nintendo translate to what happened on internet message boards with direct eff ups like RRoD or Sony not having vibration on controllers?

Personal attacks and specific insults when looking for help...versus a slogan.

memots1192d ago


This is game we are talking about here. A fun media/entertainment.

It makes me sick to read comments on youtube or facebook. It seems no one can appreciate. everything gets put down and made look bad because of some few idiot.

i for one got really tired of falling for it. But sometime i get mad at all the misinformation going around

Kribwalker1192d ago

"The fanboy BS didn't really rev up until RRoD and ..."

The fanboy Bs revved up long before, that was my point Godmars, you said that fanboy BS didn't start till then, it was going on way back in genesis and Super Nintendo days

Condemnedman1192d ago

@ godmars290
Really? It started with RROD! No way it was happening way before then.

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Dark111192d ago

Maybe the folks here could learn a thing or two.

GameDev11192d ago

You mean when fanboys stir the pots. Both companies hardly stir the pot, they just try to be competitive cause thats the nature of business

Fanboys decide to use whatever the companies do to be competitive to stir the pot

OB1Biker1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Sorry I agreed by mistake ;)
I do think the companies wage a 'console war' with any means even not the most honest means (as opposed to 'just try to be competitive')

I dont like too much using the term 'fanboys' since I got the feeling they are the ones calling out other people 'fanboy' the most, but I think they are manipulated by the media with their fanboy wars bait and the companies hypocritically officially despise them even though they lead the way to this kind of 'fanatism'.

It doesnt prevent people from these companies from being civilized and even appreciate one another.

Edit: IMHO theres a huge difference between fans who enjoy using a gaming system and are very respectable from both sides and fanboys willing to do anything to bash the others repeatingly at any opportunity and 'promote' their preferred platform. And its a shame that a lot of people dont realize the difference.

GameDev11192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


Can you or anyone here give one single example, I mean just one example where sega, sony, Nintendo or Microsoft decided to wage a 'console war' for fanboys rather than actually trying getting an advantage to sell their console??

And yes there is a difference between gaming fans who enjoy a specific console and fans who detest other consoles in favour of one, we dont call the former fanboys

rainslacker1192d ago

I really don't think the companies themselves go overboard on stirring the pot. I see them pander a lot to their fan base, by making comments that are similar, if not directly ripped off from the forums. it makes the fans go "oh yeah...suck it fan boys of the other brand". While everyone else is just shaking their heads because more often than not, the argument has already been negated. More often than not, these stirring the pot moments are things we've been talking about for months on the forums.

Not to say there isn't some dodgy PR that helps them come up with their next big jab, but that's not usually negativity directed at the competition.

OUROSMAG1192d ago

You realize they all know, that it creates controversy and keeps them in the news right?

goldwyncq1192d ago

Nothing wrong with some pot stirring every now and then. It's all part of a healthy competition.

1192d ago
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KryptoniteTail1192d ago

Nobody dictates how I should behave.

4Sh0w1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

@Kryptonite The point was not to bark at you and dictate to you how you should behave in all situations, the author rightfully suggests the different gaming communities could behave better than they currently do or similar to how these two rival execs are behaving. If you dont spew fanboy venom then it doesnt apply to you on the other hand for those that do I think its good advice, thats all really.

KryptoniteTail1192d ago

Yeah right, it's pretty "edgy" to think for yourself and be independent.

Look at the disagrees from people against critical thinking and independent thought.

@4Sh0w: Advice and telling someone what they should do are two different things. Advice is okay.

Trekster_Gamer1192d ago

This is true but if you act like a fanboy ass then you should be called on it.

GearSkiN1192d ago

wonder way my imac cant scroll to Dualshocks new webpage.... this sucks.

Godmars2901192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )

Until there are exclusives...One console maker literally and outrights C-blocks a 3 party title for themselves.

I mean Halo and Uncharted are one thing, while the second in a new Tomb Raider reboot or Street Fighter V are another.

DLConspiracy1192d ago

I'm fairly sure ROTR is coming to PS4. Street fighter 5... not so sure.

sinspirit1192d ago

It's confirmed that SFV and no spinoff, edition, arcade, ultimate, etcetera versions will come to another console. SF6 I am sure. Not 5 doh.

Mikefizzled1192d ago

Microsofts reaction should be get Marvel vs Capcom 4 exclusive. I'm sure that will stir the pot up.

DLConspiracy1192d ago (Edited 1192d ago )


Hey you never really know what could happen. That's entirely possible. I feel like a lot of times theres stuff going on behind the scenes. These publishers and Devs have deals on the side. So they throw a bone out for some games. For example. SQE throws FF7 Remake FIRST on PS4. Then.. ROTR First on Xbox One. It sort of balances out.


I meant the newest SF game.. I don't really play them so..

wraith49121192d ago

Major Nelson behaves like a queen, no thanks.

Black0ut1192d ago

Like a queen? lolwut.

OT:At the end of the day, the jabs that both companies make to each other are to be taken lightly and are in good fun. If you're one of the users that takes these quotes as gospel then you need to seriously take a look at your priorities. It's business and both companies aren't like the fanboys of their products...