Battlefield 4 is the surrealist landscape of modern military shooters

Pause and Select: "Maybe the whole thing is commentary on being a soldier: accomplishing goal after goal with only a vague idea what the end result will be, continuing regardless. Maybe it’s making light of modern military shooters. Maybe it’s a half baked FPS campaign."

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ps4fanboy1192d ago

Still one of y most played games , well not recently due to witcher and rl but still , a must have in any game collection.

SolidStoner1192d ago

all other have very good graphics, especially simulation type ones! ;)

Xristo1192d ago

It says a lot about a game when it can survive through an abysmal release and STILL be praised by many, myself included. Just imagine if DICE released it with minimal bugs. Like you said though, a must have.

Rob Hornecker1192d ago

Whatever, just where are my cte maps?

angelsx1192d ago

I have 1400 hours and still playing

bamillington1191d ago

Don't bother with campaine when multi-player so good