Final Fantasy IX turns 15: Looking back at the finest game in the Final Fantasy saga

Digitalspy: After dividing fans with the release of Final Fantasy VIII in 1999, Square returned a year later with a game that is arguably the series' best yet.

We're talking, of course, about Final Fantasy IX, the PSOne classic that celebrated its 15th anniversary earlier this week.

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RashBandicoot1291d ago

Such an incredible game. I remember being put off at first but as I got to disc 2 it instantly become one of the best in the series. Better than 8 IMHO.

camel_toad1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

This was one of my favorite FF soundstracks.

DarXyde1291d ago

IX was awesome, but I'd still give it to VIII.

I love how there's a lot of variability between fans of which one of the PSOne games was the best. It makes for interesting discussion. :0)

WildArmed1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


My fav. is FF8 as well! :) The junction system was fantastic, truly gave you the ability to customize your characters to the T.

But FF9 is fantastic as well <3

Name Last Name1291d ago

My favorite world in the series after X's Spira. I loved finding those chocographs and going to the air garden to fight Ozma.

rainslacker1291d ago

IX ended up being my favorite of all time. It wasn't all dark and gloomy, but the story was deep, very melancholic, and it had interesting character. First disc I was like WTF most of it though just like you.

I also like the art style a lot more than the prior two, but that was likely because I was much more into anime back then.

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KryptoniteTail1291d ago

It's great, it plays better than 8 (but isn't as fun to me) and is better than 7 but is trumped by 10 in every way. Truly the best numbered games in the series, with 4 being good too but hasn't aged as well. Tactics is the best spin-off, and I enjoyed it even more than 7 by a bit.

DualWielding1291d ago

Best in my opinion is 6 but IX is second best

Imalwaysright1291d ago

Agree 100%. FF6 and FF9 are the best in the series and I would rather have a remake of either one of them over FF7.

bangoskank1291d ago

Easily. Two of the best games period. Such excellent storytelling.

WildArmed1291d ago

I LOOOVVE 6 as well...

It's hard to pick between FF8 and FF6 now that I Think about it...

FF4 was fantastic too... so was X...

I quit.

Kakashi Hatake1291d ago

Most overrated game in the series imo. A huge step back after playing 7 and 8.

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Avalanche1291d ago

when people say 9 is better than 8 or 7 it makes me want to pull out my hair.

9 is a great game. 7 and 8 are just better plain and simple.

ShadowWolf7121291d ago

Does that include the man who created the series?

"..Final Fantasy IX. This title is based on a reflection of all the previous works in the series. The coming installment is my "favorite," it's closest to my ideal view of what Final Fantasy should be."
-Hironobu Sakaguchi

Summons751291d ago

did...did we even play the same game?

Bimkoblerutso1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Yeah, not to bad mouth VII and VIII because I loved those too, but IX went back to the series' roots. It put the "fantasy" back in Final, the main character wasn't a whiny emo teen.

VI is about the only other game in the series that I liked more than IX, I think.

Dasteru1291d ago

The only step back it made was towards the roots of FF. It was the best FF game since VI. If anything, it was underrated.

rainslacker1291d ago

a lot of old school FF fans say that 7 or 8 was a step backwards compared to ones prior. Most of them like 7 and/or 8 though, because they're both good in their own ways. 9 went back to what many liked about the ones prior to those two. 7 and 8 were somewhat unique to the series, although the themes generally were always the same.

Avalanche1290d ago

Shadow Wolf.

That article is from the year 2000.... last i checked that is around the same time FF9 was released.

do you want him to say "Ehhh FF9 is going to be good, but i dont think it will be better than 7 or 8"

like really pulled an article like that thinking you were smart.

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Donnywho1291d ago

I understand debating, arguing sometimes and what not. Do you people ever have days where you just accept that opinions exist?

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