How Destiny’s PvP Converted A Non-Believer


I’ve tried and failed to enjoy PvP for ages. If my friends could spend hour upon hour locked in a Battlefield match, I figured I should at least be able to enjoy a round or two every now and then. I’m not exactly sure why, but it didn’t matter if we won or lost; I just couldn’t squeeze an ounce of enjoyment out of the experience.

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dangert121198d ago

Destiny's Players verses player can be a lot of fun.
I've played over 4300 games with my Titan in the Crucible.

Problem is the exotic primary's are ruining the game. Along with the lag, ddosing, and lack of ranked playlist. And the ranged shot guns. I recently put down my ranged felwinters and boy do these weapons hit from far.

TheLeapist1198d ago

I have never been DDoS'd to my knowledge but the rest are very true. I have little to no hope for the lag though, it's plagued every bungie game since halo 2.

ChronoJoe1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )

Lot of stuff is quite bad, everything you said is the main problem. I also got DDOSed out of the final match on my first 9/0. Doesn't even register the mercy!

Should have been the last time I played that game, but I came back. Had to anyway, teammates needed me. But it's still super crappy.

To add to the exotics and such, the games grenades really bug me. Their blast radius are huge and there are loads of them that track their targets. It's thing's like that that really reduce the number of good gunfights you get into in a match.

Also the crucible rewards are still bad. They put a load of tatty guns in rotation and if you're a dedicated crucible player you get them all in a days gameplay. Then I have to dismantle handfuls of the same crappy guns over and over. Boring, there's much more variance to drops in PVE.

GameSpawn1196d ago

Until Thorn gets a nerf, all you can do to compete is use your own Thorn, Last Word, or Hawkmoon. You can use other Exotics from range too such as MIDA to escape the range of the hand cannons (though not many maps allow for this easily due to their layout).

I can deal with that though. I CANNOT deal with the fact that players with crap connections get to run around with almost complete invincibility. This just ruins an otherwise fun activity.

I don't play Trials, but I do know that crap connections and DDoS'ers have completely ruined that mode because some poor losers cannot stand not going 9-0. If you cannot go 9-0 legitimately, find a better team or get better. Destiny's PvP is not hard to master, or at the very least become competitive in.

InTheZoneAC1198d ago

destiny has pretty average PvP and what makes it worse is how every change request from any crucibaby gets carried over and plagues the vanguard portion

It can be fun, but it's not ground breaking by any means.

Blink_441198d ago

I would like a game mode with no supers or exotics.

objdadon1197d ago

Destiny pvp is the most fun I've had since black ops 2.

objdadon1197d ago

Good article by the way