Cell Shrinks in 2007

Sony Computer Entertainment president Ken Kutaragi revealed today in an interview with Japan's Impress Watch technology site that the PS3's Cell processor will make the switch to a 65nm manufacturing process in 2007. Shipments of the more efficient chip will make it out later that year.

The Cell is in production at IBM's Fishkill and Sony's Nagasaki fabrication facilities. Currently, the chip is being produced using a 90nm process. Switching to a 65nm process will reduce costs, potentially leading to a price reduction of components that use the chip.

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago he telling everyone to wait, or that the PS3 launch will be pushed back again?
Who in their right mind would buy one at launch if less than a year later a better one will be out? Ken has got to be the biggest dumba$$, Sony needs a new leader. Before Ken kills the company. Looks like I'll be waiting even longer for the PS3!

Scythesean6197d ago

The 360 is doing the same thing right now with it's chips.

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago

The PS3 isn't out yet, and they are already telling everyone a better one will be coming soon. MS has at least sold 2 million+ consoles!

TheMART6197d ago

they sold more then that. I believe it was somewhere between 3.5 and 4.5 million. By June there will be 5 to 5.5 million sold.

TheMART6197d ago

I only will believe when I'm seeing after all of Sony's false promises. Let them first get the PS3 out with whatever manufactering process and not delay any further

PS360PCROCKS6197d ago

what the hell? your MORONS! omg it's just cheaper, it's the same chip u jackasses

Bill Nye6197d ago

I don't get how you guys manage to turn this into negative news.

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

It will be good if the price comes down after the switch. Will you buy one at launch or wait for a better,more efficent 65nm CELL? By the time they switch the good games will be out.

OutLaw6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

For a company it isn't negative news. But for a consumer who probably drop cash on the PS3 if it comes out this year, Well that sounds like horrible news. Ken should just stay quiet and wait till the release of the PS3. Then give info on what else Sony has planned.

Bill Nye6197d ago

You guys are making this more meaningful than it is. It's not like Cell will receive a performance boost from switching the manufacturing process to 65nm. It's purely cost related on Sony's side.

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago

65nm processors use less power, meaning less heat! Less heat usally means faster processing.
You can also speed the processor up (overclock)better.

Bill Nye6197d ago

Oh, so the Cell has heat issues? And you're going to overclock the Cell in your PS3?

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

Where have you been????? Why all of the delays? The PS3 has issues. BlueRay, Heat, RSX ?????? Who knows? Why announce a new process for developing something that isn't out yet? And yes with less heat using a 65nm process, SONY can crank up the voltage and buss speeds. They might actually be able to give us the specs that are on paper for the PS3.

OutLaw6197d ago

That would answer all the delay problems. I wonder if the PS3 just don't get released this year and they wait till they get this cell done.

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

That would have been an option for sony if this was 2005, Sony needs to get the PS3 out this year. They already dropped the ball and are struggling to find it. The 360 has a full year head start and the Wii will probably hit the market first as well. They made fun of MS for "rushing" their next console, looks like Sony got sacked. Now Sony must "rush" to get the PS3 out reguardless of the PS3's quality/performance. Now their only hope is brand loyalty, until they can improve their product.

Grown Folks Talk6197d ago

it just reduces sony's production costs. it's not a better cpu, just more cost effecient and cooler. same thing microsoft is doing. it means if you wait long enough, you might not pay $530 or $640 after tax for your ps3.

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Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago

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Or......... is it free softcore for all the little pudwackers???

shotty6197d ago

I doubt it's going to happen right away since they still haven't got good yields on 90nm so 65nm would yield even lower amounts of cell processors. But like Microsoft said it has no bearing on customers. Both the xbox 360 and ps3 will get a die shrink, it will produce less heat so the manufacturs can use smaller heat sinks so it the end the same amount of heat leaves the system.

Gh0stDrag0n6197d ago (Edited 6197d ago )

MS would not come out and say their product is now better, that would piss alot of XBOX360 owners off.

PS360PCROCKS6197d ago


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