China Doesn't Care About The PS4 Or Xbox One

Late last year, both the PS4 and Xbox One were released in China. Much to the excitement of industry analysts, who were frothing at the mouth at the amount of units both companies would sell. The reality in fact has been far starker.

Bear in mind that China hasn’t had games consoles released officially until very recently and the main gaming platform of choice has been the PC.

Unsurprisingly, PC gaming in China is absolutely massive and its uptake of various freemium titles has been the stuff of fiscal legend. China is also unique in the nature and breadth of its PC gaming obsession.

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nidhogg1192d ago

Yep they either like PCs or their 3000 games in 1!!!! Bootleg consoles.

Sonyslave31192d ago

Pc >>>>>>>Xb oxOne and Ps4 them MMO is over there is too good.

inveni01192d ago

China has bigger problems than game consoles. So does The U.S., but we're too dumb to realize it.

DragoonsScaleLegends1192d ago

MMO is the worst genre of games I've ever played and I don't understand why so many Asians die playing them.

ABizzel11192d ago

MMO's can be a great genre, it's just a lot of them can't reach the same level of gameplay a specified genre can. To me that's their biggest problem. Early on it was like playing a HD PS1 game, when we're on PS360.

But they've come a long way from then, and there are some good ones out there gameplay wise, and there's huge potential for them in certain genres like RPGs (which have taken off).

If a shooter can nail it, that would be huge (Destiny could have been it, but failed, still a decent game at times).

Pokemon could be huge for it.

God of War MMO could be huge (Spartans killing beast and demi-gods).

Assassin's Creed could be huge.

There's a ton of potential & money in the genre, it's just going to take the right devs making the right game.

Peace_Love_and_FPS1192d ago

ABizzel1 got is so right, its a genre that if given proper development and support would crush all others in terms of versatility and gameplay but is limited by cost, time and technical capabilities a lot of the time.

Basically, why make a huge sprawling reactive world when you can make a much smaller one, throw in arena combat, and call it a game

Professor_K1192d ago

they may be stoopid but addicting

jznrpg1192d ago

If you play a very good MMO for your first MMO it can be an amazing experience. I played Everquest for years and at the time nothing was like it. Then I played WoW and it felt like the same game just easier with different graphics. Until a truly unique MMO comes out they will all be about the same as the previous games

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RocketScienceLvlStuf1192d ago ShowReplies(4)
blackblades1192d ago

MMOS 2 people I know is addicted to FF14 they be on that 24/7 from the looks of it. MMOS are ok but it's a time and money wasting games. Also you will have to stick with one of them as well if they all have subscriptions etc... I would like a virtual MMO like SAO without the dying part.

showtimefolks1191d ago

I am from Pakistan and we have the same issues as China and even India. People buy consoles only to mod them to have all the games for free

The biggest retailer in Pakistan is called gamers club. In last 12 months he said they have sold 1 million Xbox ones who ps4 was 3 or 4 times more

He said the net is slow and Xbox ones updates are too big in size to download. He said he discussed it with some women who us head of Xbox in middle east. He showed her the sales data abs requested that the updates be made in smaller size.

Imagine if people bought consolea in India and China as much we we buy them in west and Europe. The market numbers would be crazy

Cuzzo631191d ago

But you're here in the comments. Lol

TheXgamerLive1191d ago

My wife is chines. Fuzhou, China. Were going back in sept. to visit. To buy a gaming console in China for the past 35 years its had to be a PC game or yes some type of bootleg system. Itsnot that their cheap it that China is a communist nation and this is the first time these systems can legally be sold there, also its just not sold anywhere for now its in Hong Kong and in Bejing. So you may have to fly 10 hrs or 3 days by bus to get one and most can't do that. Communist China also imports heavy govt taxes on everything that isn't sold by a Chinese company. Over $800 us/4900 yin for an Xbox or PS isn't reachable by most. The PC option is starting to sound like the best or only choice.
China still limit its sales by this and their happy with that for now. Their is a cable comp like/similar to time warner cable. Its looking to strike a deal with MS to put Xbox's in many homes but it has to be approved by the Chinese govt to work.

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wh0am11192d ago

i'm sure the systems were bootlegged a LONG LONG time ago

I had a bootleg Nintendo and Gensis when I was kid in southern China more than 20 years ago

Eonjay1192d ago

There is a bit of misinformation in this article. For example he likes to an article saying that the PS4+Xbox One has only sold 550k . But the actual source is a prediction article from February that at no point states that actually sales of the PS4+ Xbox One. In fact the source is an article that was released before the PS4 actually launched.

The pattern went as followed:
Source: Console will add to the market with PS4 launching soon.
Article 1: Consoles will sell only 550k in 2015
Forbes: Consoles have sold only 550k in 2015

TrollityTroll1192d ago

Don't China limit the total number of consoles that the manufacturers are allowed to sell each year?

Hey, hey, remember when certain people in here claimed China was this massive untapped market that would send the XB1 soaring past the PS4 (especially because "the Chinese hate the Japanese") in global sales? Funny that seems to have gone quiet ...

PhoenixUp1192d ago

First off, the PS4 was released in the early part of this year in 2015. Posting incorrect info in the first sentence of the article makes it sound unreliable

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