The 5 Best PS4 Games Still Coming in 2015

It’s been a busy 2015 for PS4 games and the PS4 console itself. The PS4 remains ahead of the Xbox One in terms of overall sales. By most estimates, the console continues to dominate sales in Europe and Asia specifically. Better pricing and a steady stream of smart console bundles have kept the console afloat.

July marks the latter half of the year. From this month on, video game developers and video game enthusiasts are focusing on the fall and winter months when new Xbox, PC and PS4 games should start to surface again. It’s from September to November that we see high-profile releases from developers like Activision, Ubisoft and Electronic Arts. It’s also in that time frame that we expect new exclusive games to arrive as convincing reasons for upgrading.

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madmonkey011197d ago

i am looking forward to until dawn.

SolidStoner1197d ago


medman1197d ago

Man listen....I'm still hoping for Rime and No Man's Sky release dates for 2015, or very early 2016......

oasdada1197d ago

Until dawn, rapture and edith finch defines what kind of gamer i am.. sure i like other games too but games like gone home , brothers , La noire are games I want to see more

Captain_Wormy1197d ago

It's missing Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain.

showtimefolks1197d ago

But but but ps4 has no games lol

Sorry had to get that out of the way

For me personally

Mgs 5
mad max
fallout 4
uncharted triogy
god of war 3
just cause 3

Should easily get Me through fall to early 2016 when I will be getting dues ex

thecowsaysmoo1197d ago

I thought you had a ps3. Why rebuy those old ps3 games.

KryptoniteTail1197d ago

It has a fine selection coming up, especially for action gamers. Definitely feeling the lack of innovation but that's the entire AAA scene, IMO. Sad we need indies to experience anything fresh anymore. Risks like Chrono Trigger, huge new IP that's a AAA collaboration between the greatest minds in JRPGs made specifically and exclusively for the strongest home console out at the time, are gone.

I made myself sad.

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The story is too old to be commented.