Cuphead: new screens show off some bosses

Studio Moldenhauer (MDHR) has released some new gameplay screens taken from their next run and gun platformer for hardcore gamers.

Cuphead is scheduled for release in 2016 on Xbox One and PC Microsoft Windows.

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sammarshall1021193d ago

Cuphead has one of the best art styles in video game history

jb2271193d ago

It absolutely does. I personally just wish there were proper levels leading up to the boss fights. Nothing too huge or extravagant, just a good reason to stay in those beautiful worlds for a bit longer. The art is amazing but the painstaking process kinda held them back a bit in terms of content it seems. Really hoping the team adds a lot of members & they are afforded proper time to make Cuphead 2 something more akin to a traditional side scroller w/ full worlds & levels.

Nosred1193d ago

Day one buy in my Xbox.

oasdada1193d ago

Been following this game for quite some time! Love the art style

parentsbasement1193d ago

This style would fit perfectly with some Rube Goldberg machinery/puzzle levels I think...

TheNew11193d ago

How did this not win in any of the categories for E3.