Predator and Jason are a Good Fit for Mortal Kombat X

GodisaGeek: "Far from a quick cash grab, both characters have been included in a really nice way, with a few nice touches. More importantly, they both play really well – and differently – with Jason coming out on top, though your mileage may vary."

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rezzah1191d ago

Spawn would be too v_v

1191d ago
KryptoniteTail1191d ago

Seems like they just took whatever was the cheapest IP they could get their hands on that would fit the franchise instead of going for Akuma.

TheOnlyMastrx1191d ago

They should bring Freddy back for Freddy VS Jason, and put in Alien for Alien VS Predator. Then this game would be Komplete.

Sketchy1190d ago

The Hellraiser guy Pinhead looks like he would fit in this game.

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