The coolest upcoming Collector’s Editions

MyGaming: "We’ve already established that gamers are willing to spend inordinate amounts of money on rare collector’s editions of their favourite games.

But a collector’s edition needn’t be rare to justify a higher-than-average asking price; it just needs to contain something worth having – an item you might otherwise call “bitchin’“.

So we thought we’d dig into the list of upcoming games and show off a few of the best and shiniest collector’s editions you can expect."

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elarcadia1197d ago

The Halo CE is cool but is in NO way worth 249.99. I was bummed to see the price tag for that one. The Mirror's edge collectors looks pretty nifty! I am personally most excited for the Tales of Zestiria CE, which I was surprised to see is not included on this list.

Rhezin1197d ago

really hope Uncharted 4 has one.

Phoenix761196d ago

Already ordered a Pip-boy CE myself. Interested in the mirrors edge CE as well.

Kingdomcome2471195d ago

I'm not too big on collector's editions typically, but some of these are awesome. I wish that there was a way to just buy the steelbooks, as I am trying to start building a collection of them.