Miiverse Gets Overhaul for New Features

New features being added to the Miiverse, to make communication about your video games much easier.

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DragoonsScaleLegends1221d ago (Edited 1221d ago )

The only people interested in Miiverse are people who can draw, everyone else could careless about what kids opinions about Mario is. I haven't used it since the last game I bought which was Mario Kart.

Summons751221d ago

Miiverse is a very good community. Sure there are the annoying kids and trolls but it's a healthy community where people can share, help, discuss, or simply make friends. The art is great but it's the least interesting part of Miiverse.

Donnywho1221d ago

Yea Miiverse is great. For me, it's nice to have communities for a lot of classic NES and SNES games. It works really well with the NES remix games too, competing with posted times going back n forth, sometimes just taking a 15 second break to look at some goof ball stuff people posted with the stamps you earn through some games.

JuleyJules1220d ago

As with any social media if you don't like it don't use it but don't knock others who do like it. Also, since you don't use it don't pretend you have any idea about it. Some people can draw but it seems from the use I've had with it most people are NOT children giving their opinions on Mario!

DragoonsScaleLegends1220d ago

I played Super Mario 3D World and it had Miiverse integrated into and I saw kid messages all over the place along with drawings.

KryptoniteTail1221d ago

I don't mind spouting my opinions off on there and making requests that companies never see or care about. Too bad it's so restrictive.

TheDivine1221d ago

Good idea in concept but a failure as a connecting social network or forum for enthusiasts. Much easier to go on reddit, neogaf, n4g, or Nintendo life to chat. Miiverse is more for art and a quick comment like I love world 2-3!!!

Still waiting for something like miiverse mixed with the best ps4 features. Video sharing, invites, chat, built in game forums, art like miiverse, and a Netflix party also. Anything on the system should be playable and viewable with friends as we shoot the shit. Miiverse has some cool stuff though. Ps4 has awesome video sharing and xbone has the best notifications and updates IMO. All have their strengths.

Gemmol1220d ago

you can share videos, I share my mario kart races, you can chat with people in private or not, or you can video chat with the camera on the Gamepad, every game have their own community and community for developers, so you can actually give feedback to the developers.....I do not know what Netflix party is so it do not have that, There is TVii, people can watch the show and comment about whats going on the Tv, like someone would post, did you see how kobe was able to shoot the shot over 3 guys, this guy is amazing and etc.....

do you even own the system?

PhoenixUp1221d ago

I'm sure party chat isn't one of these features

BrandanT1220d ago

Nope, definitely not.
It actually got way more strict. There's now a limit on how many posts AND comments you could make a day, so now it's harder to communicate.