F1 2015 Is Another Horrid PC Port According To Angry User Reviews

One Angry Gamer "What happened lately where publishers seem to be throwing any and everything at the wall for PC gamers and hoping it sticks? Apparently hopes for Codemasters' F1 2015 being a decent PC port have been thrown clear out the window, especially if feedback from user reviews and complaints from across the web from those who purchased the game are anything to go by."

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crazychris41241193d ago (Edited 1193d ago )

This is why I no longer buy Day 1 unless they are from a trusted developer with a great history of releasing properly optimized games that work on day 1 on the platform Im buying on. Tired of spending my hard earned money on games that I have to wait months to play because they are so broken and need a ton of work. BF4, Simcity, Halo MCC, Batman Arkham Knight, Watch Dogs, Driveclub, AC Unity, I can go all day with all of the games in recent years that have been complete disasters months after release. Now I just wait for major sales unless its from a company that I know releases quality games at launch.

Crimzon1193d ago

Yeah, buying games at launch now is just completely pointless because the vast majority are broken in some way and take months of patching to fix. By the time a game is actually playable you can probably buy it for half price and in a bundle with all the DLC and actually get a complete experience. I feel sorry for people who still preorder games.

Shuckylad1193d ago

Noticed there's no nintendo games on your list. The only company I trust to put out games that aren't broken.

ThunderPulse1192d ago

They don't even put out games people want though.

Poroz1192d ago

I don't recall Nintendo porting anything to pc.

DevilOgreFish1193d ago

I haven't played this particular series, i wouldn't know. As for their other games, i never played a codemasters game that never ran good. My on board Intel GPU can play them at 1080p 60 fps.

All i can say is DX12 can't come soon enough. if the practice still persists after, it's all on the developer's poor structure with being up to date.

Epic actually has their latest engine (UE4) support a simple one button click optimization process. It compiles the code and does everything for you to run smooth. Devs should be switching or taking notes.