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PSInsider author writes: Many games have made the promise of outcomes being determined by choices the player makes, and it wasn’t until I started playing The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt that I realized that very few of those games did it right.

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illmatic1285d ago

Such an awesome game! Im glad this game is getting the praise it deserves.

MasterCornholio1284d ago

How does it perform on PS4 after all the patches?

I didn't buy it at launch due to the issues the PS4 version had especially when they locked the framerate at 20FPS at some points.

sagapo1284d ago

Performs good. There are stil a few tiny bugs and glitches, but they don't spoil the fun. There is so much value and content in this game, rarely seen these days. You should get this game, no questions asked!!!

teedogg801284d ago

Game is good but when it rains or if you are in a large city framerate gets horrible. A huge update is coming next week that promises lots of improvements. Can't wait to see how it performs then.

sssb1284d ago

The Witcher 3 is GOTY for me, I'm waiting for expansions more than MGSV and Fallout 4.

TheHaloGuy1284d ago

I was near the end... then reformatted my PC and forgot to back up files. Game is soo good I didn't even get frustrated. Booted it up on Death March and turned all hud off (how I was gonna play my 2nd playthrough) and dove in. This game is a MUST play for anybody.

psplova1284d ago

Lol. How's that working out for you? The no hud thing I mean...

TheHaloGuy1284d ago (Edited 1284d ago )

Difficult to get used to, especially without the mini map. But the combat is so much more intense cause you gotta gauge how much health you have, remember how many Swallow potions I've used. I have been OWNED many a time. But I find myself getting even more distracted without a mini map. Which is new and awesome cause I tend to rush through these games main storyline.

By these games I mean open world like Red Dead, Gta, Skyrim etc. It's nice to just, roam.

Flotche1284d ago

If u love videogame buy it now !

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