Mario Invades Epic Games' A Boy And His Kite Tech Demo

YouTube’s member ‘CryZENx’ has shared a video, showing Mario in Epic Games’ latest mind-blowing tech demo, A Boy And His Kite.

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DevilOgreFish1291d ago

Insane stuff. I have to agree though that the indie community and artists should stop toying with the idea, and just come up with a project similar, not 100 percent exact.

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jdubrady1291d ago

This is kind of game the NX needs to be able to produce.

Ristul1291d ago

Iwata: Please understand, graphics don't matter.

ABizzel11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

Graphics don't matter as much, or should I say won't as soon as Nintendo crosses the 1 TFLOP threshold (or at least approach it).

However, game library (together QUALITY-QUANTITY), hardware performance, and price play huge role in these days in how well a console is received among the core community.

The Wii U had Quality games, but sorely lacks in Quality-Quantity. It's hardware performance is a generation behind, and because of that it's price is complete out of sync when compared to the PS3 and XBO ($50 - $100 more).

Nintendo needs better hardware (doesn't have to be high-end, just in leagues with PS4/XBO, and architecturally similar for ports) so they can get better 3rd party support (they don't need every game, just a decent pool to keep the library strong year round on console). And an entry level price ($199 - $249) to make the console accessible to a wider audience of gamers Day 1.

Nintendo doesn't need to go head to head with Sony and MS, and it shouldn't because it's a losing battle. They need to care a niche out for themselves and IMO that should be going back to what Sony said, by making themselves the entry console for gamers, but more importantly catering their games to the core. That's how you get both.

A $199 - $249 console, with games the fans have asked for several generations now, with a functional online network, and sales should move out of the abysmal sales they've had with the Wii U, GC, and N64. Back up to the SNES / NES.

I can't see them doing more on their own, and if they want to go head to head with Sony and MS in sales, then they need to partner up with Disney who can market the console significantly better to kids and families then Nintendo ever could or has, by offering better multimedia apps and functionality, as well as integrating exclusive games and features from huge franchises such as the Disney cast, Marvel, Star Wars, Pixar, The Muppets (E3.....easter egg?), Disney + Nintendo Infinity, etc...

Plus Disney has their own developer teams as well. That's the only way I see Nintendo moving back into the the competitive landscape with Sony and MS in sales, although it'll still be targeting a different audience (kids, family, Core Nintendo), with a huge emphasis on kids and family marketing wise, but games completely designed for the Core.

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