Review: Homeworld Remastered

Highland Arrow:

Neutral: A needed technical and graphical overhaul is present here, but the mechanical changes to Homeworld the remaster needs are neither neccessary nor to the game's benefit. Formations are pretty much pointless now, the AI requires much more micro (frustratingly so), and in general the control over the fleet feels much more clumsy than it did previously. Fans of the original Homeworld will be let down by the campaign in this regard since fighters are nearly pointless now and that makes one of the earlier missions a big brick wall of difficulty. Underneath all those problems, it's a shinier and better looking Homeworld, but it's traded the game design substance for the flair and style, and suffered for it. Worth picking up for the originals if you didn't own them, but in light of the design flaws introduced by the Remaster, I couldn't recommend it for those at the current price (32.99$ CAD)

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