Onechanbara Z2 Chaos – 38 Screenshots of PS4-Exclusive Action Game

Health Hindman writes "Onechanbara Z2 Chaos will be available in North America on July 21. I’ve played that action, and can present a bunch of screenshots from my own PS4. Enjoy:"

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knifefight1248d ago

The character models look a lot better than the backgrounds.
But, well, if I have to pick one to look better than the other, I suppose that's what I'd pick.

1247d ago
blackblades1247d ago

Tbh I think japanese devs don't have the skill for graphics department. Imagine if they did on these games.

knifefight1247d ago

Probably a budget factor too. This game sold under 20,000 copies in Japan.

TwoForce1247d ago

Well, every guys love boobies. So yeah, there is no denied of it.

bOObies1247d ago

I want this game but yeah, the character models are not the best to be honest. Maybe I'm in love with Senran Kagura character models right now but I feel like this game's characters are not curvy enough. Too skinny with small tops and not hips. It looks a little strange.

bmwfanatic1248d ago

Can't wait to play this.