Konami dishes out PS4/XB1 Yu-Gi-Oh details and gameplay; encourages Vita owners to make noise

During a Twitch stream earlier this week, Konami served up a tonne of info on their upcoming PS4/XB1 Yu-Gi-Oh! Legacy of the Duelist. There's even a bit of hope for PS Vita owners hoping to see the King of Games head their way outside of Japan.

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supersonicjerry1248d ago

So still no word on xb1 release date because all i see is ps4 sometime this summer everywhere i check.

Skate-AK1247d ago

One of the Yu-Gi-Oh games, for like a year or two, was only on XBLA. Came to PSN much later. could be reverse roles. Maybe Konami thinks it will sell better on PSN because Microsoft already exclusively has Magic the Gathering.

Monster_Tard1247d ago

It's been stated that it will come out this summer for PS4 and X1, neither has a specific date announced yet and the site doesn't mention anything about the X1 version because it's a Playstation fan site, hence the name of the site PSNstores.

supersonicjerry1247d ago

alright thank you for that info. and why in the hell did i get 6 disagrees?

ThatArtGuy1247d ago

This is after MGS5, right? Dead to me.

ThatArtGuy1247d ago

I don't care for Yugioh either...

exnoob1247d ago

So why waste your time coming on this page, to comment on a series you don't care about ?

HeroOfKvatch1247d ago


This franchise is dead.

vergilxx31246d ago

cus you don't play it doesn't mean it's dead

KryptoniteTail1247d ago

We wanted a Vita Yugioh for a LONG time and they already made one for Japan. Just translate it you lazy s***** company!

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The story is too old to be commented.