Xbox One sales double in Spain after the E3 2015

Today is a day for the Xbox brand in our country proud, much remains to be done is clear, but certainly after a scandal E3, the fruits of the seed begin to be collected and the results assessed. Backward and exclusive LineUp better this year presented at the show have played in favor of Microsoft.

Our colleague Gonzalo Blanco is right now in the Jarama circuit covering the event 24 hours a Ford. This has been the venue for Pitzialis Lidia and Carlos Villasante Xbox directors Spain have confirmed that sales of the Xbox One console has doubled after the conference. It is very good news for communities like ours, most people see with good eyes our preferred platform.

Still, Microsoft Spain has a very big challenge still pending because as I said before is a long way to go and we feel that this optimism in sales has been extrapolated to other countries where the brand was still weak. Since only Xbox One sent them a cry of congratulations to the Xbox team Spain.

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DragonbornZ2633d ago

Nice for the X1. Have some great looking games coming.

nicksetzer12633d ago

Yea, this news isn't surprising at all, great E3 for XB1. It will be even more phenominal after their gamescom announcements. I expect scalebound, quantum break, crackdown, inside and below footage at gamescom to help the european sales substantially.

Very good to see, that said, as long as Xbox One is selling enough for MS to continue supporting it with games, updates and services sales could matter less to me.

christocolus2633d ago

Agreed and i'm sure Gamescom will help too.MS must have big plans and announcements for the Europe.

sammarshall1022633d ago

Yeah this year and next year look amazing for Xbox One

jeremyj29132633d ago

I really can't wait to see Scalebound in action. If there is a game that will make me get an XB One, Scaleboumd is that game. I love dragons and I love games made by Kamiya.

dantesparda2633d ago

I hate garbage articles like this. No specifics, what are the numbers? All just fluff piece. It could have doubled from 10 to 20 and you people are acting like that's something to get excited about. Demand the numbers, the hard facts. Not the spinning.

nicksetzer12633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

@dante why are you so concerned about it? Regardless of the number before it is still double the install base rhat is absolutely outstanding to do in 1 month the same amount as 2 years.

You are just taking offense for no reason and trying to downplay for no reason. Also, as a consumer why do you "need hard numbers?" Do you have something to gain? Or lose? Also, how exactly does one spin this? The article says the install base doubled since E3, which it did. What part is being spun? Other than you trying to say it doesn't matter, because, well no reason at all really.

People like you are just sad, demanding numbers and puffing your chest whenever you see your plastic box is selling better....

"It could have doubled from 10 to 20 and you people are acting like that's something to get excited about."

Also I find it weird, your go to number is 10 consoles sold for an entire country? You call this article garbage, but think 10 consoles for all of spain is realistic. You are truly the most pathetic troll I have ever seen.

Did you also demand hard numbers last gen? (P.S. I already know the answer, it is no) Or is there something special this gen that has changed your need for such things?

This article and this news are exactly what we as consumers need to know, that users are gaining interest in the console (in this case very drastically) and that MS are happy with those numbers. The only need for "hard numbers" would be if you are an investor or a fanboy trying to use sales numbers to make themselves feel better.

Julion07152633d ago

Agree 100% man and the great fall lineup is ganna help too especially Xmas time

xHeavYx2633d ago

You call Dante sad for pointing out that the article doesn't provide any source or official numbers?
How sad is that?

Rookie_Monster2633d ago

Nice write up Nick,

Pretty sure the lineup of games coming from the XB1 for the remainder of 2015 and the fact BC was announced attracted a few X360 owners to jumped in and upgrade. As long as MS continue to bring quality software and innovation and continue to make Europe feel like first class citzen, then MS is the right track and this is just a small step of bigger things to come for them in Europe.

nicksetzer12633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

@Heavy It is hard to give a source for something that was stated at a conference. THat said there are plenty of other sittes reporting this indepently of this article:

In fact, this site even lists off multiple sources who heard the same report. Most likely due to people like you calling them liars.

Guess all these sources just heard wrong right? They are just stupid Spaniard created "garbage" and "spinning," because that fits your agenda better .... Right? I am sure now suddenly, you will say that you believe the article now and that it is just MS lying, because you will need some excuse now that your current one was proven invalid.

"You call Dante sad for pointing out that the article doesn't provide any source or official numbers?"

Well, as stated above, there was a source given, you just choose to ignore it, hence the above posted articles. Also I think I fully explained why specific numbers of consoles before and after are hardly necessary, doubling the user base is doubling the user base regardless and is a huge deal regardless.

Again, you, dante, and many on this site feeling the need to downplay this is, as I said, sad. You see that xbox one is doing well and feel the need to nitpick at things that don't even matter. They have no effect on a consumer, and especially no effect on people who don't even own the console.

I am not sure where you get this idea that you as a consumer are to receive in depth sales specifics. Name one other product that you carry this expectation for. Not to mention last gen these kind of comments were FREQUENTLY made and I don't recall anyone ever whining about not including "specific numbers".....

You guys are jut pulling out any reason to downplay this news, and honestly, there isn't any reason to. If you can explain to me why "Specific Sales" are so important to you as a consumer, please enlighten me.

EDIT: "Do you get paid by post monthly?
Keep up the good PR work."

@Heavy Great response. You realize you have no reason that you NEED specific sales data and that this article DOES indeed give a source and has been confirmed by multiple other outlets, so you move on to personal insults and inflammatory comments in a hope that others will ignore the valid points I just made and be dissuaded by them.

You guys on this site are all the same. You make stupid inaccurate posts and when anyone responds with fact you get all defensive and start calling names like a 5 year old. You guys really are pitiful.

xHeavYx2633d ago Show
rainslacker2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )


Thanks for providing the links. I was about to write up a long response on how dante is right...and now I can shorten it because you actually provided links which prove that dante is right....THIS IS A JUNK ARTICLE, because it doesn't actually cite any sources, nor does it give the details needed to know what to make of the news.

The articles you linked did that, making them NOT JUNK ARTICLES, and making the news actually something worth discussing, because we have a way to do comparisons(reference to what was actually doubled), and know who to hold accountable for the information reported(the source)

Now, keep in mind, that most of us on here didn't read those links before this article or after or before commenting, I question if you even did given that it took you a couple responses to actually provide them, so attacking someone else for questioning the validity of the article we're in a thread for is not really cool, and you should have just posted the links to begin with, because that was what dante was asking for, and should have ended all debate on the validity of the topic, hence allowing others to actually discuss the topic.

I don't feel dante was being fanboyish, at least not overtly for simply asking for details and a source. As intelligent people, we should expect these things to be done as a matter of course.

I'm not going to take a side on this really, but the kind of journalism shown in this article is the kind of stuff a lot of gamers are pitching a fit over in regards to GG. Baseless reporting with no one being held accountable. In this case the data can be verified, but often times they can't, and we all know articles like this get taken as true regardless of merit by certain people...which is why I feel it's very prudent to ask for sources and how the data is being represented.

As far as the topic goes, it's good for MS, and I hope people enjoy their purchases, and that they get continued support. MS had a great E3. Heck it was a great E3 all around for the most part, and I'm sure console sales are going to continue to boom.

Edit: Guess my response ended up being pretty long after all.

Rookie_Monster2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )


Wow, did you just accused someone for being a MS PR spoke person when one look at your entire massive history, you would be a millionaire by now if Sony offered you a dollar for every comment you post. Smh

I see no issue with MS just responding with "double the amount sold". They also won NPD handily in November of 2014 when they sold 1.2 million XB1 vs around 750k of the PS4 in the USA (you can Check the official leaked numbers on Neogaf) and all they came out with was a simple message to say they won and didn't gloat about how they sold 1.2 million consoles. I like the attitude of this new Xbox regime under new leadership. Very humble. Keep it up Team Spencer and looking forward to seeing your second major conference this year with your new IP and gamplay reveal of Scalebound and Crackdown in front of the European audience.

nicksetzer12633d ago

@rainslacker the article this links to specifically states the event in which the announcement was made and " Xbox directors Spain have confirmed that sales of the Xbox One console has doubled after the conference." Seems pretty clear to me, there is no way to link to a comment made on a stage that doesn't allow recording, so not sure what you were expecting.

You are confusing a poor translation and your lack of comprehension for what you call a "Junk article."

I realize though, you simply are just dead set to find a reason to push your agenda regardless and to excuse others who help with that goal. It really is terrible when a comment that has absolutely nothing accurate gets more agrees than a comment with links and proof.

donthate2633d ago

I think xHeavyX is upset about the latest news. I guess MS will continue their momentum with Gamescom.

Supposedly MS is treating Gamescom almost like E3. Cannot wait!

mark_parch2633d ago

totally agree. I have always thought as long as they are selling enough to keep making great games for me i'm happy.

MazzingerZ2632d ago


And they will never give you numbers because it's nothing for such an important console market.

This is rather damage control, SONY came out last month with an update regarding sales in Spain, 700 K PS4 with a ratio of 9:1 against XONE according to the news:

Not bad for a 400 Euro console.

If the 9:1 ratio is true, as the the article states, that means around 78K Xbox One total...was that a lie, MSFT would immediately come out with real numbers so it's probably true.

MSFT put the Xone in a special price during last month in Spain I think, this article states that they will keep the "special" price during july as well.

Double is double, good for them, but when triggered by special prices one can't say it's an least nothing you come out and cheer about on the press...this is just PR.

I wonder if MSFT or SONY are planning a price-cut for this Gamecom?

RocketScienceLvlStuf2632d ago

Do you really think the entire xbone install base over 2 years has doubled in 1 month since e3? Logic isn't your greatest strength.

No where in this article does it say that. It says sales have doubled. But from when? Doubled since the month before? The week before? The day before?

Nobody knows

scientificreasoning2632d ago

@CHRIST...nothing MS does at gamescom will help them in europe..after e3 PS4 is dominating sales on Amazon in the US and will easily be #1.....there is no e3 bump for sales. This is an anomaly.

kreate2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

But dante and heavy's point still stands though.

There's no official numbers. It could of easily been 10 consoles sold and now 20 consoles sold. Who knows?

I mean u guys state that the console is selling well cuz the sales have doubled.

I remember when sony released the ps3 slim, the sales were like 1000% increase in some of those countries.

And other countries it was 200% increase (more than doubled).

its just a perspective.

But I do agree we gotta give Microsoft a break and stop saying anything negative towards the xbox.

Pogmathoin2632d ago

Any increase in sales is good news regardless, but looking at the hate in force here by some, you would swear they had nothing to play on there preferred console.... Great E3 they had though, awesome games coming when all the other games coming out in 2 years will already look awesome.

rainslacker2632d ago


I'll chalk it up to a terrible google translate then, because reading the article, I couldn't ascertain that. The people named in the article seemed to be site contributors based on searching their names, not xbox execs, although last night I was pretty tired and didn't dig too deeply, and all that was said was that they were at an event where it was verified, but never was the actual reference comparison made as to what the doubling was in reference too. You say it's there, and you can see it, yet when someone questions, you didn't clarify.

You're links provided that, and were handled much better by google translate, which is why I found them good articles, yet found this particular article posted here as worthless.

I'm sorry if my terrible agenda is supporting proper journalism, and people not taking every headline as gospel. I'm sorry that conflicts with whatever you want to use for whatever your agenda is. You could have avoided all this discussion by stating the facts outright in your reply to dante, but instead simply claimed some things and proceeded to attack his comment, likely based on his history...which is the same reason I was harsh in my comment to you, because you do not present facts and instead often attack others who disagree with you without providing any substantial back up.

Rereading the article after getting some sleep and a rather casual day, I still couldn't make heads or tails of the details which you seem to have been able to pick up from it. Even with the added information, it still doesn't make much sense when reading this actual article, and really, as you said, who cares? If they doubled sales, good for them. Be happy for it, and if someone questions what's being reported, clarify with facts, and be done with it. No other response is needed really.

That being said, having two people say I have an agenda against the X1 today, I think I'd like to say one thing. I really don't. I'm much more critical of MS because I do not trust them, and I think they are a terrible company in terms of how they treat the consumer.

I have nothing at all against the Xbox One itself. It's a capable machine, and it can play games. If comparisons are being made, I am going to try to bring the facts back into line instead of just allow people to say stupid things about technology they don't understand even in theory. I would do this regardless of which console it was being said about. If people say things which are true, or don't resort to extreme hyperbole or exagerration to try and downplay another console, I don't respond, because there is often no reason to. This may make me look much more critical than I really am, because I simply don't go around pandering to people who already think the same way I do.

I can be very critical of Sony, and their games, or Nintendo, and their games, when I find it necessary. One thing you can not find in my comment history is me ever once dismissing the quality or possible appeal of any MS 1st party game...or those from any console really.

rainslacker2632d ago

I'm going to be very up front right now, for all the stupid things that get discussed on here at times, one thing that really bothers me is the state that the press is in today, and it's just God awful from the gaming press. I've become conditioned to have to do extra research to see if any article making a claim is valid, because all too often, the most important parts are left the source, and the "what" of the article. If you read my comments from when GG articles were allowed on this site, you would actually see how I am when I truly dislike something...and I can say right now, my comments about X1, are nothing like that.

You will if you look deep enough see me extremely critical of all the console makers when they do things I don't like, but very rarely will I extend that to the actual hardware, nor will you ever see me say hardware is bad due to the policies that companies come up with for it.

If all you want to see is my critical side against MS, and assume that I have some sort of agenda against them, then that's too bad, because honestly, I actually do agree with you, and some others I have strong words with at times, many times. If I even care to continue a discussion with someone on this level, it usually means I think you actually do have salient points worth discussion, and I do so in the hopes that those points become more well rounded and understandable.

If all that is too much, and if people can't have a discussion with facts and reasonable arguments because they feel they're being attacked, then there is an ignore feature on this site.

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GameForever2633d ago ShowReplies(8)
RocketScienceLvlStuf2632d ago

Not sure who this site is but double the numbers hardly tells a story as we have no concrete numbers.

For all we know they doubled on the week of e3 from the week before then went back to normal.

This site doesn't sound like a credible source.

We can have a real conversation when Microsoft finally find the guts to announce the xbone's numbers. I don't think they will ever find those guts though.

Nosred2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Much deserved, as did large ads for this and next year, let alone the Elite control and new improvements to the console.

I believe this is just the beginning and that many people will buy the console because this line of these great games coming up and the beautiful improvement he has gained.

gfk3422632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

Well, it is very simple to make suppositions having in mind that NO context has been given in the article (no hard numbers, no comparisons).

While everybody is commenting on the vague statement given by a MS representative (it is his job to say good things about X1, even if they are not 100% true), AMAZON SPAIN could tell us the concrete story about how well the X1 is selling.

According to Amazon Spain, only one X1 bundle reached TOP 100, being on #77.

In comparison PS4 has 3 bundles in TOP 100, being on #36, #55 and #89.

So yea putting in perspective the MS representative statement, the doubling of sales is not so spectacular.

Elronza2633d ago

Microsoft did an awesome job this E3 and blew everyone away with backwards compatibility! Xbox brand will surely see a major rise in sells.

iTechHeads2633d ago

You think the ability to (maybe) play some Xbox 360 games sometime in the future will make people buy an Xbox One? I mean why do you think they would even consider an XB1 in the first place? XB1 games.

Sony said it best: Backwards compatibly is a feature everyone wishes for but no one actually uses.

The further you get away from launch, the less and less relevant backwards compatibility is.

n4rc2633d ago

yes and no..

i agree most probably wont use it.. BUT.. how many are reluctant to jump on xb1 when they are still playing their 360?

BC will help convince them they wont miss out... but yeah, once they do get one, they will be playing xb1 games and not their 360 games..

it just helps ease their minds.

Elronza2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Itechheads I myself actually perfer Sony and Nintendo and PC to the Xbox brand as I have never owned an Xbox but I have owned an Nes,Snes,N64, GameCube, Gb,Gbc,GBA,Gbasp,Ds,Dsl,Ps1,Ps 2,Ps3,Psp, Ps Vita. But in no small part thanks to this E3 the Xbox1 will be the first next gen console I buy and because I missed out on the Xbox 360!

JasonKCK2633d ago

"You think the ability to (maybe) play some Xbox 360 games sometime in the future will make people buy an Xbox One?"

Yeah me, that's the number one reason why I plan on getting one so... there goes that theory.

Shineon2633d ago

So sony knows when I'm using BC on my Ps3? How the hell do they know?Who told them I was playing tomb raider II?Did my ps3 send out a signal that I'm not using BC?Where did he get the data?

Bigpappy2633d ago

Oh yeah, Sony said that and the EA access has no value. They must be right because no one is buying PSnow.

You sound way too gullible with the Sony said it best comment. Like you didn't you didn't want it until they told you didn't, yet at the same time use the same old games to push PSNow.

rainslacker2633d ago


Companies do usage surveys among their customers to see what they do with the consoles. Sony sends them out about once a year to large chunks of their install base, and I see them frequently for different MS products.

Moreso, last gen, the advent of achievements and trophies, and online accounts make it very easy to track what people do with their consoles. Every game you boot up gets registered that it's being played, or has been played. Every time you log in on the network(which is automatic for most people) they know if you're playing a game, or doing something else. Every CD based console game has an identifier, or at the very least a copy protection scheme which identifies it as belonging to a certain system, so it wouldn't be hard to collect the data on the system itself.

I also, wouldn't doubt in the least that the PS3, PS4, X1, 360, Vita, WiiU, and possibly even PC storefronts like Steam, and every other connected system like mobile devices has a way to report back every single program that gets started and used on that system, for how long it was used, and probably thousands of other seemingly useless bits of information that may be useful in statistical measurement.

Welcome to the connected world. No one's private usage habits are private anymore...and they haven't been for a long time.

iNcRiMiNaTi2633d ago

It already convinced a friend of mine. Around Decemeber he told me he was gonna get a ps4 if they announced an ff7 remake, which was announced. He then said he changed his mind about the ps4 after E3 because of backwards compatibility

Kizwiz62633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Yes, it influences people's decision (such as myself) because it means their 360 is obsolete and they can now upgrade but not worry about losing their games library. It's also impactful if you never owned a 360 but now own an Xbox One as you can enjoy the library of 360 games.

Besides, this gen hasn't been that exciting with exclusives, don't deny it. The 360 has years of decent games (including multiplats). This is a game changer for people like me, who haven't made the jump yet but will soon (getting an Xbox One). If I got the One tomorrow, at best I'll have 2 games max (due to monetary issues). But at least I've saved up a hefty 360 collection to still enjoy. Stop trying to put a negative on a positive FREE feature.

mark_parch2633d ago

what you have to remember is there is still a massive percentage of the gaming community playing on 360 who have not made the leap to current gen yet. Having backwards compatibility means they can still play all the games they have collected. It's a great incentive. For me i get to play some games i missed like south park stick of truth and bioshock infinate, i would also like to get halo reach so i have the whole collection

meanthyme2633d ago

So sony will be stopiing ps now then as no one uses that feature eh? Stop chatting bs you troll.

jttwister092632d ago

shows how out of sync sony is with gamers everyone I know with an x1 cant wait for backwards compatability. Also I put that i would give invites out to people who added me on one comment section about backwards compatablility on an ign article. I got 200 followers in a day so yeah people want this. Sony is just mad because they havent been able to do it and of course all the sony die hards have to come in the comment section and downplay like they get paid to do so even though it doesnt affect them in the slightest.

lvl_headed_gmr2632d ago

Yet Sony believes the demand is strong enough to charge users outlandish prices for PS now to play last gen titles...

Do you not see the hypocrisy in Sonys comment?

Sony can't do true Backwards Compatibility which is why they went the digital streaming route. They didn't think MS could achieve true Backwards Compatibility so Sony had to make the claim nobody plays past gen titles.

Now, those with 360s can trade them in and get $100+ to put towards a new XB1 and yet keep their game library.

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CaptainObvious8782633d ago

I'm honestly very confused.

If twice as many people can start rushing out and buying xbone's because a few 360 games will be available in the future to play then the PS4's much have at least tripled.

Considering the megaton surprise announcements Sony had compared to BC.

It doesn't make sense. I suspect the article is spinning numbers and playing with definitions.

StrayaKNT2633d ago

Megaton suprise announcements which were?

tinynuggins2633d ago

What Megaton announcements? Horizon looked cool, I'll give you that but what else? Unless you're a die hard Jrpg fan but that's niche.

spicelicka2633d ago

You mean considering xbox had halo 5, forza 6, gears 4, tomb raider, rare replay, gears ultimate, fable legends, sea of thieves, recore...and now crackdown 3, quantum break, and scalebound?

marloc_x2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

The longest presentation was COD.

..or was it the Infinity bundle reveal?

Sitdown2633d ago

Help us follow your logic... If Xbox one users doubled because of the added feature of backwards compatibility that is coming shortly, then ps4 users must have tripled because of an renouncement, talk of a kickstarter, and a remake which appear to be coming no time soon. How are you equating this again? I personally don't think the drastic increase in sales is due mostly to backwards compatibility.

CaptainObvious8782633d ago

We already knew about Halo. We already knew about Gears. As great as those games look, we've known about them for a while. I don't understand why people in droves would be buying a console based on BC.

And if you have to ask, what megatons? Well, if you're going to be deliberately stupid then I can't help you.

remixx1162633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

Yeah captain does kinda have a guys are tryna deliberately act like nothing was a megaton and downplay by saying kick starter or far off........

......let's not act like some random tandom games were announced......

You guys no exactly what was announced.

meanthyme2632d ago

Translation into english please.

iTechHeads2632d ago

Double of 5 sales is still only 10.

Without any context, as in real numbers, this means nothing. Oh and outside of USA and the UK, XB1 sales are pretty much dead.

So don't read too much into this. The numbers really are so low they're not even worth mentioning.

Jmanzare2632d ago

Yea over 100 games added to the game library via BC is just a few games... Have fun buying the remasters!

rainslacker2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

@the numbers people

Don't need to say double of 10 is only 20...lets look at some actual numbers which are verified from different sources to extrapolate a number. All we need is some simple math.

at the end of march, it was reported that the PS4 had sold 700,000 units in Spain with a 5:1 ratio between the PS4 and X1. Not too long ago, it was reported that there is a 7:1 ratio between PS4 and X1 sales. I'll use the 5:1 ration, since it's consistent with the PS4 numbers I'm using, and it's the last truly official number that has been verified. It'll skew some numbers taking out the last 3.5 months, but will mean that MS actually has sold more than I posit, but change the impact of how much was actually sold in the last four weeks...making it even more impressive.

Anyhow, using these numbers, this means the X1 sold 140K units in Spain by the end of March.

This would mean that since E3 2015, or almost four weeks now, the X1 has sold AT LEAST 140,000 units. That averages about 35,000 units a week(actually more considering I left out 3.5 months of sales which are currently unknown). This is a huge spike considering that if we take the time between launch and the end of march and average out the sales, The X1 only sold about 2,000 a week. Won't get into semantics about how it's likely less a week because launch day would see higher sales. This is roughly a 1650% increase week over week.

Pretty impressive huh?

Now that we have rough numbers, I'm going to try and put things in perspective.

To date, I don't know of any monthly sales numbers being reported for the Xbox One outside of sales increases reported by NPD...hence the reason for my current daily mental exercise. I find VGChartz unreliable for data, so I'm going to look at this historically.

For the Xbox 360, outside the holiday seasons, and looking over a four year period of 2009-2012 the Xbox 360 sold roughly 80K consoles a the US(emphasizing in the US).

This article is stating that MS sold almost half that per week, in a country whose population is only 14% that of the US.

I don't want to dispute the numbers really, but it seems rather odd that there is such a huge discrepancy in the population vs the number of sales increase, or google is butchering the translation and everyone is running off false premises.

Realistically, if this number is true for Spain, then first of all awesome, and then secondly there should be several places where the X1 sales have skyrocketed, because it's the only logical conclusion outside of some currently unknown parameter. Many markets are similar to Spain, and if these kinds of increases were everywhere, or even only 10% of what I've given out, MS should be celebrating wildly and yelling it from every roof top and flame tower around the world.

I won't put forth my guess on what I think is likely being misinterpreted, because it'd just get me disagrees, and people won't discuss it...which they probably won't anyways.

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scientificreasoning2632d ago

Limited BC lol YEah talk about xbots over hyping a feature that wont make any difference entering third holiday with many big AAA games coming.

iTechHeads2632d ago

That's the thing though, I don't think people really know its limited and that the games they want to play might never be playable on XB1.

Even lots of people on gaming forums, or on here, seem extremely convinced games like Red Dead, Skyrim and all COD games will be playable. It's extremely wishful thinking.

kraenk122632d ago

The marketing trick with the so called backwards compatibility seems to have worked. I'm curious how many of those buyers will be disappointed when most of their games won't even be supported.

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ScorpiusX2633d ago

I have always known the people Spain had great taste.

Gozatu nire Beautiful pertsona

poor_cus_of_games2633d ago

Yeah probably one of the many reasons on why the ps4 is crushing the xbone.

ScorpiusX2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

It's a marathon, not a sprint . Personally I hope the one head trips and falls hard. You support and enjoy your prefered box as i will mine.

Lucreto2632d ago

PS4 is selling around 7:1 and this continues the trend after last generation with a 4:1 lead the PS3 had.

Spain is a PlayStation Nation and using your it's a marathon, not a sprint example the PS4 sees the finish line while Xbox is still trying to locate it's running shoes at home.

ScorpiusX2632d ago

Then am going to be a troll and hope something bad happens as they proceed to the finish you say the see.

kraenk122632d ago

The PS4 sold 8 times as much before. So now it's only 4 times considering there was no bumb in PS4 sales, which I doubt...I'm sure there was one too.

loopygames2633d ago (Edited 2633d ago )

I wish the article gave more context as to what they doubled from (Last week, month, or year).

Edit: I guess last month, since the title says from E3 2015.

PistolsAtDawn2633d ago

Or it could actually be specific...and they've simply doubled the total.

Spotie2633d ago

Except, in order to be specific, it has to... be specific.

For all we know, the sales went from a hundred to two hundred. Double the sales; not so impressive.

2633d ago
littlezizu2632d ago

you know ps4 is outselling xbox like 7 to 1 in spain before e3. so unless there is actual numbers its not something to brag about.

PistolsAtDawn2632d ago (Edited 2632d ago )

@ littlezizu....who was bragging? Insecure much? ALL I said was that it was POSSIBLE they were being specific by saying it doubled. Without any other context that MIGHT mean that they doubled their total sales...who knows? The original quote I was responding to said "I wish the article gave more context as to what they doubled from (Last week, month, or year)." speculating, I suggested that they purposely didn't say any of that because perhaps it was simply "doubled sales" they said.

That being said...doubling your sales IS something to brag about...the whole world isn't PS4 vs X1 so who gives a crap if PS4 is outselling it 100 to 1. X1 is breaking it's own records, it's not in any sort of trouble. Owning all the consoles, I'd say sales like that in Spain is awesome, I feel more European gamers need to jump in the X1 bandwagon as's their loss if they don't X1 is a fantastic system (and since fanboyisim is only valuable to fanboys..NO ONE is saying they have to jump OFF the PS4 bandwagon). Please take your fanboy goggles off and become a'll enjoy life more.

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rainslacker2633d ago

nick posted some good links above which give more context to the topic at hand. Even provides a source. Now that I'm at comment number 5, I can't remember what it was comparing the increase to, but the source was a MS rep at a conference over in Spain.

I think I've already lost interest in the topic(just sticking around to see if any interesting conversation crops up...damn insomnia), but since MS hasn't been doing well in Spain, it's nice to see that they are making headway. I honestly thought most of Europe would be a lost cause for them, so it's nice to see a glimmer of hope.

MasterCornholio2633d ago

Yeah basically that's it. Two Microsoft reps had an interview in a conference in Spain. They then said in the interview that the sales for the XB1 doubled after E3. However there is no confirmation if this meant the total sales or the monthly sales. Either way it isn't bad news however the doubling could be insignificant if it was from a very small number.