Fans Launch Petition Urging Sega To Revive Skies Of Arcadia

Fans look to Change the fate of Sega’s beloved Skies of Arcadia franchise.

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BG115791197d ago

After the return of Guardian's of Light, the surprise of FFVII Remake and the revival of Shenmue 3, everything is possible!!!

Freddy_Millz11197d ago

I'd absolutely love nothing but the return of this franchise. It IS my favorite game of all time but i swear i don't want them to drop a steaming deuce on its chest and just push it out as trash.
Sega seems to think that if it aint Sonic, then it aint worth money.

Need to get out of that mind frame.

dead_pixels1197d ago

While I see where you're coming from, it seems Sega is trying to listen to fan feedback since the catastrophic reception of Sonic Boom. By publishing games like Game Freak's Tembo The Badass Elephant (don't let the name fool you, it's brilliant)and bringing games like Yakuza V westward, Sega is using their heads a bit more lately.

Skies of Arcadia definitely deserves a sequel, and if there's any chance of Sega resurrecting the series then I'm on board. And while they're at it, maybe we can see a proper non-handheld Valkyria Chronicles sequel. Please, Sega?

BlackIceJoe1197d ago

I'd enjoy seeing this return and then Panzer Dragoon Saga can return next.

dead_pixels1197d ago

If we ever get another Panzer Dragoon Saga let's hope it's a bit longer than the original's 12 hour story. Still love that game to death despite it's rather truncated narrative.

dead_pixels1197d ago

GameTap, now that's a name I haven't heard in nearly a decade. Loved that service to death. It was like the spiritual successor to the Sega Channel.

While I'd love for more people to experience the original PDS (It's that damn good) I have a feeling it'll always remain an obscure gem confined to the Saturn.

derkasan1197d ago

That'd be great, but didn't they lose the source code?

dead_pixels1197d ago

Yup! They sure did! It's a shame too. The game really was the Saturn's swan song.

BlackIceJoe1197d ago

You don't really need the source code to make a sequel. Because its a new game. Even if Sega remade the first game they could use the emulated file or if they really had to, they could start from scratch. I don't see that happening, so the best case to ever play the game again is if they put the emulated file online for people to download.

I remember in the past, Sega said they got it working as an emulated file and they let Gametap have the rights to put it on there. Sadly if I remember correctly Gametap didn't put it on the site, because they didn't think many people would play it.