Rory McIlroy PGA Tour Impressions (Pastapadre)

Thoughts on Rory McIlroy PGA Tour which went out on EA Access for a 10 hour trial Wednesday, and releases this coming Tuesday.

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MrWegman1247d ago

Thanks to EA access I cancelled my pre-order of this game... it is very average at best. I was very disappointed with no game face feature. Golf games need motion controls as an option that works... very disappointed.... I played 5 hours out of 10 so far and that will be enough for me until this game is available on EA access for free...

MaximusTKG1247d ago

You cancelled for those two reasons? Haha you shouldn't have pre-ordered it in the first place then. Perhaps you should have been worried about the mechanics, or graphics or...anything else besides those two nonissues.

MrWegman1247d ago

I cancelled because overall it was average and nothing stood out as a must have next gen golf game.... key missing features, average graphics and basic gameplay. I do like how quickly you can play (no load times between holes). The pop in should be an embarrassment for EA (the animals and other objects appear and disappear- not next gen).

Plus I only pre-ordered because amazon had the game for $49.99, but it is not worth it- perhaps next year.

iistuii1247d ago

Thanks to EA Access I won't be buying it either. The Alaising issues are terrible. Never seen so many jaggies in a game this gen. This frostbite engine doesn't seem to do AA very well.