Select PlayStation Vita games discounted to under $15

Amazon has discounted several Vita games to under $15, including Freedom Wars ($14.99), Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational ($9.97) and PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale ($12.86).

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IrisHeart2503d ago

Freedom Wars was 3 bucks last month.

Loktai2503d ago

Was it? Jeez.... I Bought it at a higher price a while back but its been in my backlog, trying to finish some other games and havent even opened it.... live and learn.

blackblades2503d ago

No it wasn't it was $5 I would know cause I bought it from the psn sale for $5.

vergilxx32503d ago

I bought it for £19 on release date and it's worth every penny

IrisHeart2502d ago

I know it was like 3.49 because I couldn't just pay for it for that price. I had to pay 5 and the funds stayed on my wallet.

blackblades2502d ago

Must been EU or another time then cause the sale a month ago was $5. Looked at it, it was $4.80.