Square Enix's Comic Con Showcase Includes Barret from Final Fantasy VII, and More

Square Enix's showcase of characters at SDCC 2015 includes a host of notable characters, including FFVII's Barret.

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richierich1193d ago

Barret is a really cool character didnt he have a Mohawk in FF7 or have they changed the character design a bit?

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Adrian_v011192d ago

You've mistaken him for Mr. T.

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junir1192d ago

I wonder if they are going to incorporate the story of FF Advent Children. As an epilogue, it would be nice.

MikleDemi1192d ago

I wasn't really a fan of AC, but it shouldn't hurt anything, so why not.

pivotplease1192d ago

Would be interesting but then again the two plots hardly feel cohesive back to back because of the time lapse. Imo barely anything happened in AC to make it worth playing through in a game and I'm one of the ones that enjoyed it.

rainslacker1191d ago (Edited 1191d ago )

I feel given additional content, AC could have made a decent game. From a story perspective, I felt it focused way too much on cloud, leaving most of the other characters as nothing but fan service to the actual story. Even Tifa spent most of her time worrying about cloud, and the other characters hardly did anything except the one fight. AC would have made a crappy game with what content it did present though...but it was a movie, so no need to add in stuff that would serve as game play.

I wouldn't mind if they added in stuff that tied the game into AC more, particularly how wills could be manifested within the life stream to create people like Kadaj, and make it clearer how that is different than what happened to cloud. Even the movie made them seem more like clones, which they really weren't. There was a book that explained all this, but the game only kind of graced the surface of cloud, and the movie didn't really explain anything about Kadaj.

MegaRay1192d ago

As an expansive DLC maybe?

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hkgamer1192d ago

hot toys really needs to get some japanese video game licenses. would be great to see MGS or FF figurines.

DemonChicken1192d ago


Would love to see some gundam ones too. I do not have the patience anymore to do the plastic models plus I usually try and paint them =/

REDDURT1192d ago

One of the only black respectable characters from japan.

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