Cute and Sexy Hestia Cosplay by Tomia

MMOsite: "Korean cosplayers are really magnificent; the sexy Spiral Cats group is one of them. Here is one of the team members of Spiral Cats, named Tomia. Today we collect some of her amazing cosplay pictures for the game Blade & Soul."

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Knushwood Butt1197d ago

Must be tough being her plastic surgeon.

theFAYEsorceress1197d ago

why? she looks good. if it was tough for her plastic surgeon, she'd look horrible.

Old_Prodigy1197d ago

It must be tough to conversate with you. Then again, people where you're from are probably excessively judgmental also. If I had to make a bet I'd say that you probably fit right in. Glad you are where you are, I think I'd croak if I had to listen to your negative whining all day. I don't know where all the hypocrites spawn from nowadays, it's disgusting...

1197d ago
Old_Prodigy1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

@shyronnie Your lack of depth could make you perceive it that way, my judgmental evaluation was justified though. I won't waste my time attempting to explain that to you however, that is unless that's what you would like for me to do. I find it repulsive that you thought it admirable or whatever to defend such a wretched statement. Also, my use of hypocrite was definitely justified, if you'd like for me to elaborate please ask so I can attempt to possibly avoid making unread and unnecessary walls of text.

Maxor1197d ago

God bless Asian women women and their ability to look half their age.

Old_Prodigy1196d ago

@Maxor She's married too if that's of any importance. lol

Spotie1197d ago

Well, Hestia is a goddess, so there's no telling how old she is.

Jag-T10001197d ago

Wish they didn't use those fake eye lenses.
Asians use these a lot in their cosplay.

Glemt1196d ago

But isn't the goal of cosplay to get as close as possible to the character they try to portray? So, if they leave the contact lenses away and have their own eye colour, what would be the difference in them using different coloured clothing or different clothing altogether?

Jag-T10001196d ago

False beauty. It makes their eyes bigger. You don't need fake eyes to be pretty. Makeup is sufficient.

Ocsta1196d ago

Now THAT, is cute. Time to immigrate to Korea it seems.

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