Gears of War: Ultimate Edition for PC Is Not a Port from Xbox One: “Mindblowing” at 4K on a 70” TV

During the San Diego Comic Con panel held for Gears of War: Ultimate Edition, The Coalition Studio Head Rod Fergusson talked in more detail about the differences between the Xbox One version and the PC version.

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christocolus1197d ago

Gears in 4k would be amazing...

traumadisaster1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

you mean it IS, not would be amazing...

Son that game came out years ago for PC and I've been playin it at 4k for 2 years.

The improvements to the game are welcome but it won't be that fundamentally different from the current pc gow.

Meaning crisp as hell at 3840x2160 60fps.

GearSkiN1197d ago

ur old version of gears 4k compare to this version of gears, im sure theres a huge difference

holysmokesbatman1197d ago

10 years in PC=Very big improvements, the xbox1 beta looked/played amazing, I'll probably buy the PC version aswell as the xb1 edition.

Articuno761197d ago

You should probably check out what they've shown off of the game. It's not a remaster, but closer to a Halo Anniversary-style complete overhaul/remake.

Admittedly Microsoft is at fault here for underselling the game and not making this point clear.

Crimzon1197d ago

I'm interested in knowing if this will release on Steam or if Microsoft are going to do some Windows 10-only nonsense and lock it behind the Windows store or something? I'm hoping it's a Steam release.

ChrisW1196d ago


You're arguing semantics. Christocolus' comment is perfectly fine since he most likely does not have a 4K monitor, nor GoW:UE. For him, such a setup would be awesome.

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Perjoss1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Loved Gears on the 360 but I could never get into it on the PC as it had mad screen tearing, I don't think they ever patched it out, or ever added vsync. Hopefully with this new one there are no problems like that.

Tedakin1197d ago

Is there a release date for the Pc version? It's not coming out same day as Xbox version.

christocolus1197d ago

Nothing has been announced yet. Maybe in November.

Paulino301197d ago

Will this game let you co op from pc to xboxone?

Orbertron1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

At the Con they said they will be talking about that at a later date

Volkama1197d ago

It'd be funny if we come to that later date, and the answer is a flat "no".

Erik73571196d ago

Controllers are gonna get owned by PC controls in multiplayer...would be unfair

Paulino301196d ago

I appreciate the response . Thank you

Gunstar751197d ago

I want a serious gaming PC but im not very tech savvi when it comes to PC's....

ONESHOTV21197d ago

if you have the money ready then nothing else should hold you back. if you dont know how to build your own pc then you can just buy a pre made one for a little extra money.check this

starchild1197d ago

It's not too difficult, to be honest. Just do a little research, buy your parts and follow the directions of a PC-building youtube video. You'll be fine. And you'll feel good that you built it yourself.

traumadisaster1197d ago

If you want to learn it's not that hard. Thing is you need to have a desire to tinker and enjoy playing with settings.

If you don't want to have a new hobby of playing around with pc settings, and get frustrated and just want to stick the disk in and play then be warned.

You can for the most part just plug and play pc but there are times...

Shineon1197d ago

Just get an Alienware Alpha bro it's not really expensive for what it is comes with free games like payday 2 and a few others cones with 360 controller and it's smaller and more powerful than the current gen consoles, it has sort of a console feel to it which is what they were aiming for, I think it's on sale for 450$

_-EDMIX-_1197d ago

Legit....its like legos for adults lol. With a little research building is quite simple now days. Don't let the term "building" fool you, its more like assembling.

But if you don't feel to good trying it out after watching some vids, just buy a pre-made system until you do.

Folks at Tom's Hardware are extremely helpful to first time builders too, don't worry, hell look at the comments your getting just here.

Its not as complex as some folks try to make it seem.

....don't ever go Alienware either, they are often times way, way over priced. Seek performance, at the end of the day your going to be logging in thousands of hours in this unit of gaming, not looking at it lolz.

Best of luck to you!

Erik73571196d ago

Don't get AMD
Don't get a fan for your hard drive
Get around 600w power supply
DDR 3 ram is good and 8gb-10gb, ddr5 does not matter and makes no difference on PC.
Get i5 not i7 cpus unless your doing other stuff than gaming.
Get hybrid storage or SSD if you have the money , and get at least 1 tb

NarooN1196d ago

AMD CPU's are still a good buy for entry-level and mid-level rigs. The FX Piledrivers don't really bottleneck high-end GPU's unless you do Crossfire/SLI.

DDR5 isn't even a thing lol. GDDR5 is for GPU's.

Ark_1196d ago

Pls listen to that man: I can only emphasize the uttermost importance of his points!

1) Don't get a fan for your harddrive: if you do your PC might get too much thrust and crash against the wall! ... or even fly right out of the next window. (Small tip: If you are bold enough for a HD fan - drill your PC into the floor for saftey and insurance reasons. One of my friends was once hit by one - awefull sight.)

2) 10 GB is indeed the sweet spot. Best combination is 5 GB, 3 GB and 2 Gb ram sticks.

3) And don't get DDR5 SDRAM - delivery will take ages ...

Erik73571196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Meant ddr4 not ddr5 (the ram sony has in the ps4) my bad...was not talking about Gddr5 NarooN.

I said not to get amd not because of the performance aspect, just because they tend to break from my history.
And I said not to get a fan for hard drive because it's just not needed and you only need it I guess for a really fast SSD maybe?

Ark_1196d ago

Just a tip: Buy a used PC for 50 bucks or some junk from a neighbours attic. Take it apart and put it back together. It's fun and you will learn everything you need to know and be confident enough to handle more expensive parts ...

Str8Chaos741196d ago

It's not hard and is quite fun. If you need help Gunstar75 PM me. Happy to help.

rainslacker1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

Nowadays, computers are extremely easy to build. Very rarely do you even have to do much when installing drivers outside of the video card, although I would say many times installing the motherboard drivers provided by the manufactuer will show marked improvement over ones Windows may use by default.

Putting the parts together is really just pushing them into slots, although I'd recommend buying the MB/CPU locally so they can install the fan for you, that can be tricky with the thermal paste if you've never done it, and is usually the one thing do-it-yourself'ers mess up on.

I'd just look up what other powerful rigs are made out of by going to forums, or places on the net which compare hardware, and start picking out the pieces you need. Tom's hardware is a good start.

The chance that you screw something up royally is slim to none.

Otherwise, there are powerful pre-built PC's from many manufacturers, from well known, to niche to never heard of em before. And best part about all of them, is there is always plenty of reviews and comparisons to help you decide what will be best for you.

In addition, local computer shops(not big retail stores) often have people who can help you pick out the right components. I would recommend however that once you get all the details from them, you go look online to see how those things compare, and while I prefer to support local business, when doing that research, you'll probably find better options cheaper. Keep in mind, those shops want to sell their stock, although if you're going high end, they'll likely have the parts you need depending on their selection, but still likely cheaper online. Sometimes the difference between things is so minimal you'll wonder what they even are, despite the price differences being somewhat research everything.

It's also highly likely you know a person or two who can help, although sometimes people can be pretty fanboyish about hardware, so always do research and get alternate opinions so you can make your own choice.

Or just go all out, and buy the best thing available in every class if you have the cash.:)

Within a years time, you'll be one of those PC elitist none of us console owners can stand and have more practical hardware knowledge than most of us console owners have....not all...but most.:)

Here's a personal anecdote for you. Everything I learned on how to build and repair computers was over 25 years ago, when I wanted to install a VESA video card that would display 16-bit color at 640x480. It didn't work in my computer, and I spent a week learning everything I could to make it work. This was when AOL and compuserve was the internet, and the information was very limited compared to what google offers in seconds today. From that moment on, computer hardware and technology has been nothing but fascinating to me...despite me never being able to get that stupid video card to work. Things are much simpler now.

TedCruzsTaint1196d ago (Edited 1196d ago )

If you're really worried about building one yourself then, please, there are many reputable sites out there with decent deals on pre-builts.

That said, just a few days on Tom's Hardware, and you'll have all the information you need to make an educated purchase of your own parts.
And then you have plenty of step by step instruction videos to be found online.

You'll end up getting a lot more for your money. No way around that.

Either way, you will be opening up a great new avenue for gaming. Welcome to PC . . . we have cake.

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Azzanation1197d ago

MS pumping out 4k games. This would look great in 4k

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