Xbox One Exclusive Gears of War 4: Studio Head Explains Why the E3 Demo Was So Dark and Gritty

During the Gears of War: Ultimate Edition panel at San Diego Comic Con held yesterday, The Coalition Studio Head Rod Fergusson explained why the gameplay that we saw at Microsoft’s E3 conference was so dark and gritty.

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christocolus1292d ago

"The teaser demo we saw is the return of the game to concepts like mystery and being afraid of what lurks in the darkness"

Kind of similar to the first Gears..Nice

BiggerBoss1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

People keep saying "similar to the first Gears" but the actual gameplay shown did not look reminiscient of the Gears. In fact it reminded me more of Uncharted with the character banter and scripted events, and the constant walking reminded me of the Order 1886.

Not saying it looked bad, but people just keep repeating whatever Rod says without actually looking for themselves.

christocolus1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

The demo actually reminded me of the first gears. (the rainy night level).check the link below.People who actually played the first gears will easily see the similarities between Gears 4 and 1. The demo at E3 reminded me of a bigger and darker Gears and i liked the atmosphere of the game..the xter banter isn't new to the series. Marcus usually talks to members of his team during gameplay and the order 1886?? how? again you should watch the vid below.


We currently know nothing about the multiplayer aspect of the game.Horde mode was a fan favorite and Rod said he loved it. so we could see it return in GOW 4.

TedCruzsTaint1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

"Not saying it looked bad, but people just keep repeating whatever Rod says without actually looking for themselves."

Or they could simply disagree with you. I got absolutely no taste of Uncharted with this one. Gears always featured scripted events. Not to mention they simply work better for demonstrations such as this. And you're actually contributing something such as walking around (this was featured in every Gears) to 1886?

To call this one a stretch is an understatement

shloobmm31292d ago

Then it would appear you have never played the first gears. There has always been a lot of banter and quite often you were just walking. The difference with gears tho is that there is a lot of awesome gameplay thrown in.

javauns1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Sir you must have played a different gears than I did. In GOW one the night was one of your enemies, like in alan wake, you did not want to be caught in a dark area. Theres literally a part where you dive from light source to light source, another mission has you driving a big take with the lights on and if the lights get destroyed you die. Hell theres a mission where if you go into the dark area these bat like creatures will attack and if you stay there too long you die. I will say the storm and crazy weather got exaggerated in the demo far more than in the first gears. But the talking between the two players was one of the way to get to know the characters in the first gears.

Bigpappy1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

Nope. You have been away from Gears too long and that has fogged your memory. Gears has always featured "Foot Patrol". In the first, you never wanted to be cot in the dark, those bat-like things (Rams pets) would swarm on you and death was certain. Only thing Uncharted has with Gears is a cover system.

Uncharted is more Bruce Willis Die hard, where Gears is more Judgment Day.

I am noticing a trend developing on N4G. When ever anyone is speaking from Xbox first party, they are not to be trusted. But if Sony says you don't need BC because no one uses it, or that EA access has no value, you defend those blatant lies to the end.

4Sh0w1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )


WTH are you talking about?...demo wasnt like UC or walking like 1886....I mean literally everything was fitting of the original Gears, although alot of games have similar cover and of course walking sections I dont understand why those 2 games crossed your mind to say it looks like them when its all been done before in Gears of War???

Look at Chris vid, it looked like classic Gears of War to me, my only problem with that is they should of shown a more action packed sequence for th demo instead of focusing more on showcasing the dark tone they are going for. I get what he's saying but at E3 people want short roller coaster ride demos, not demos showing off the the environment the theme park is located in.

Sm00thNinja1292d ago

Did you play the first Gears? Now because uncharted had character interaction no game after can because it's copying Uncharted...... Wtf

ifistbrowni1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

I like how some of you guys claim you're big fans, yet call the bat creatures - "bats"

they were called kryll. Not sure on the spelling, but positive that's what they're called. I probably know this from the multiple times Marcus yelled it during my Insane playthrough when you're driving the vehicle through the dark...

I'm excited for Gears 4, but the E3 demo hasn't showed me anything I can get hyped about (other than the game existing). It's early.

UnHoly_One1292d ago


Uncharted and especially The Order borrow elements from Gears, but in the Sony fan's mind, MS is capable of Time Travel and it happened the other way around.

spicelicka1292d ago

What is the world are you talking about? It was nothing like uncharted. Gears of war had scripted events back when the first one came out. The important thing about gears scripted events is that they don't affect the gameplay, they don't pull you out of the game.

This is exactly wwhat I've been saying. This demo was to show that dark and grittiness of the game and it was great! It looked a lot like the first gears.

Kayant1292d ago

This is straight up trolling.

bouzebbal1292d ago (Edited 1292d ago )

The only thing I liked with that demo is the monster's drool and animation, reminded me of ratchet monsters.
The rest was boring and lacking intensity. Character's running animation is also wack.
The demo didn't feel next gen at anytime.
Gears 1 was so good looking, I guess this feeling is gone

d0x3601292d ago

The first gears WAS full of scripted events, constant walking and character banter so...yea.

Hozi1291d ago

I love the Gears series but I can't stand the limited space to traverse in games like these...I guess open world games are spoiling me.

Yetter1291d ago

uncharted?? really? I don't think so

JackStraw1291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )


You're right.

All of you people claim you're big fans of Gears but you don't even know the lore. You're trying to make a point for how Gears 4's trailers is like Gears 1, but you don't even know why Gears 1 was so gritty, and what role darkness played in the game! Someone even called the kryll Raam's pets? They were just another species of the Hollow, like wretches, that were used by the Horde. It's not like Raam bred these things and raised them for his own use.

As someone who has actually played every Gears game, as well as read the novels, and the first comic book, I think the trailer was going for what the first game achieved, but it still didn't resonate very well with me. It seemed TOO dark, and not eerie enough to be like the first Gears. I found myself thinking "is something going to happen or what" up until the ending, and even that was underwhelming.

But to each their own. I personally don't think a lot of you have gotten as involved in the lore of Gears as you let on, you just feel obliged to defend the game for whatever reason.

With that being said, I still KNOW that Gears 4 will be an amazing Gears game, because of the team that is now The Coalition. The history these people have with this franchise reassures me that they'll stay true to their roots, and do well by Gears 4. Many of these people left Epic because of politics, and it's by absolute luck that they're getting the chance to work on another Gears game again. The renaming from Black Tusk to The Coalition is so fitting given the history of the in-game Coalition, so I don't doubt for a minute that they'll make yet another great Gears game because these guys live & breathe this franchise.

ifistbrowni1291d ago

@JackStraw, I read all the books too. Still own them all.

*virtual high five to a fellow "gear" head*

donthate1291d ago


I cannot get more excited for this game. Hope we get Gears of War 3 BC on Xbox One soon with the free game next week!


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kraenk121292d ago

The demo looked more like inspired by The Last Of Us than Gear tbh.

shloobmm31292d ago

Have you ever played a Gears campaign? This is how they are. If it looks inspired by Last of Us then in reality Last of Us would have to have been inspired by Gears. Not the other way around.

4Sh0w1292d ago

lol, exactly shloobmm3

-I guess some of these guys missed out on one of the best new IP's last gen. Gears was highly acclaimed by critics and fans alike for doing all this stuff long before these other games.

1292d ago
_-EDMIX-_1292d ago

....soooo what your telling me is you've never played Gears Of War before?

Ok young ones, Gears Of War 1 being a 3rd person shooter and dark was very much inspired by RE4 as the game's director very much stated so. Gears 4 being dark is NOT new to the series, not even slightly.

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Dirtnapstor1292d ago

Agreed. I had no issue with it...dark, cryptic, the way it should be. And not having too much info at this point makes things more anticipatory.

Sevir1292d ago

That gameplay trailer was weak and underwhelming, graphics aside that segment did nothing to differentiate itself from last generation's gears, honestly I wish MS would have let them continue work on the New Ip they were working on instead of Gears 4. It look far more impressive. But hey, business dictates you lead with your the strength of your brand. And GEARS is a strong brand for MS. So I understand... Still
I was left wanting more from "Gears 4" since its no longer Gears of War.

IamTylerDurden11292d ago

The Gears 4 demo imo was surprising with how poor the grfx, voice acting, and combat looked. The grfx were horrible except the swaying trees and the protagonist's voice acting was laughable. The writing/enemy design was amateurish, i have no problem w/going to a horror-centric design, but comparing the combat with a demo like DOOM it really showed how lackluster Gears 4 is. I was worried when a newb studio took over Gears, i was worried when Epic sold the rights away and abandoned the series, and this demo hasn't alleviated these worries. Black Tusk has a lot of work to make their 1st ever developed game a hit.

meanthyme1292d ago

You sure worry a lot,you are always in xbox threads worrying about stuff. Why dont you goto a playstation thread and let sony soothe your troubled,furrowed brow.dont worry,be happy,DOO DO DO DO ĎOOÒOODEDOODEDOODEEDO,don t worry be happy etc.

fanboysmackdown1292d ago

I was only worried you'd show up to talk about a game you know nothing about since Gears ain't on a Sony device.

andibandit1291d ago

stopped reading at:

IamTylerDurden11291d ago (Edited 1291d ago )

@ meanthyme, icheerleadoneconsole, ibandit

I post in every type article, Nintendo, Sony, ms ect. I own every companies system and have been a multi system gamer for decades. I stood in the rain overnight on November 21st, 2005 to buy the 360 @ launch. I loved Fable & Darkwatch on OG xbox. I played and own Gears 1-3, Gears 2 was my favorite, i own the LE Gears 3 with the Adam Fenix cog medal/box, the blue mini flag, pictures ect. The cog medal is surprisingly heavy & nice, the only thing that sucks is the game case itself is a weird partially clear plastic case. I love the way the medal case opens with the tab to reveal the cog fitting snug in it's spot. Controlling the Brumak at the end of 2 was fun.

I'll admit when something is good, Cuphead looks awesome, the style is incredibly well done. Inside looked fantastic even @ e3 2014, the atmosphere is foreboding and i can already see an interesting message about society within the game's premise.

I'm being honest and in no way did Gears 4 look good - grfx were bad, voice acting atrocious, combat was weak, character/enemy models were underwhelming. They tried to do a spooky premise but it was NOT scary and the creatures were stupid as opposed to frightening. This was not Metro 2033, the atmosphere & design didn't sell itself like it should've, either u do balls out visceral combat like the new DOOM or u do a dark dank creepy atmospheric style with brilliant music, pacing, & terrifying creatures layered within the scary setting.

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umair_s511292d ago

I liked the E3 gameplay demo, I want to see more of it

Professor_K1291d ago

Thats exactly what ive been trying to explain all these normies just dont get it"Waaah it s too dark" no kidding its favorable like that

StrayaKNT1291d ago

Yeah gears 4 looked perfect in every way. Its a more serious game and the term "too dark" for a gears game just doesn't make sense. Gears has always been the best ever tps and it looks like it is only going to get better and better. Day one cant wait :)

IamTylerDurden11290d ago

Name 1 impressive aspect of Gears 4 demo besides the trees and storm.

How would u rate voice acting?



Characters/enemy design?



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Excalibur1292d ago

I'm Kinda sad Horde Mode is not included.
To me it made no sense to to incorporate the best things from Gears 2&3 into the SP/MP and not include Horde.

etownone1292d ago

This is about Gears 4... which will most likely have Horde Mode

Your referring to Gears 1 remastered.

fermcr1292d ago

I wasn't impressed by the Gears of War 4 E3 trailer.
It's missing the wow factor.

1292d ago
ninsigma1292d ago

As someone who only played the first, I thought it looked great and has me pumped for it. It's my most anticipated ms first party game.

How do you feel it lacked wow factor in comparison to other gears games, just out of interest?? I can only judge 4 on its own merits really because I barely remember the first game. I'd like to know the point of view of someone who didn't like the demo but played the previous games.

The_Eternal_one1292d ago

It had "the wow factor" I was like WOW it's so dark all I see is lightning!

1292d ago
JackStraw1291d ago

^No, it wasn't. The first Gears was, they slowly drifted away from the Dark nature of the game as the series progressed. The Dark mechanic of the first game didn't even take heed in the 2nd game, like the Kryll playing a factor in the 1st game, there was nothing relative to that in the 2nd game.

fanboysmackdown1292d ago

Yep, I thought it was underwhelming too. Still early so guess we'll have to wait to see more. Even without Cliff they have a good team so I'm holding out that the game will deliver.

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TwoForce1292d ago

Now that's make some point.

isa_scout1292d ago

The stage demo kinda reminded me of the imulsion refinery level from Gears 1.