Custom Xbox One Cases And Other Images From The Microsoft Gaming Lounge: Comic Con 2015

During their coverage of Comic Con 2015, Skewed and Reviewed got a look at the new custom Xbox One cases and plenty of good stuff during Comic Con 2015.

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optimus1194d ago

The forza 6 and tomb raider ones look really nice...wish they would release those in stores... Sidenote - i just read somewhere that some of these custom boxes also have custom sound effects pertaining to the theme of the box when you turn it on and off. For example The forza 5 xb1 revs an engine when you turn it on. That's pretty cool and it's something they should showcase more.

Garethvk1194d ago

If I have time, I will go back today. I have interviews in the afternoon, late afternoon and evening, and also need to try to visit Nintendo and Square Enix, but I plan to go back over. There is a much larger gaming presence at the show this year.

Garethvk1194d ago

I also added some small video from the area as well just now.