Shenmue III Creator Talks Characters, PS4 and PC Versions, DLC, Unreal Engine 4 and Much More

Shenmue Creator Yu Suzuki held a Q&A Session today on Twitter, providing more information on what we can expect from the game and on the situation of the Kickstarter campaign for the game.

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ChrisW1198d ago

Hmmmm... very interesting... But still concerned. After thoroughly enjoying Shenmue I and II, and after waiting such a long time for III to come out... I feel it won't meet hardcore fan expectations and will be ripped to shreds.

FlexLuger1198d ago

I agree. DLC should not even be talked about for a game that was supposed to come out on a sega console over a decade ago for a start....As somebody that was/is a die hard sega fan during their console days ( I still own two sega saturns plus a DC...with shenmue 1 and 2 amongst other things) And this just stinks to me.

Adrian_v011198d ago

DLC shouldn't be considered at all. If you have ideas during development of the game, f-ing put them into the game. Don't cut things out that are supposed to be there to sell them later. Having additional ideas after the release of the game, or close to finishing its development is another story. But already considering DLC? Geez...

Spotie1198d ago

DLC will kinda be a must if the game can't reach its stretch goals in time, but they still want to make those things.

Given what they want to add, and what they have the funding for, I don't see why DLC would be a problem.

I also don't see how the game coming more than a decade after its last entry would affect its need for DLC.

If you wanna bitch at somebody about it, take your complaints to Sega. Keep in mind what they're contributing to this game(as far as we know): NOTHING.

Kanako1198d ago (Edited 1198d ago )


Sometimes developers don't have the time nor resource to always put all of their ideas in their games. Keep in mind that it's the fans that are supporting this project. Since it looks like they aren't going to meet all their stretch goal those ideas won't be implemented. However, the money that they make from selling Shenmue 3 can then be used to fund their other stretch goals, IE DLC.

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DevilOgreFish1198d ago

"The footage of final version will come out sometime in 2017"

That's a long time away. This game will either be 2018 or simply the generation after.

jeromeface1198d ago

I really wish they'd lump the remaining stretch goals into the 5 million milestone with 6 days left. Making the potential for the game based on Crowdfunding goals for a game that shattered the kickstarter record after like 10 days kinda comes off a greedy to me. Everyone knows the game is mainly being funded by sony anyway. Give us your opus, you don't need 5m more dollars.

mogwaii1198d ago

Stuff this game. overhyped, sentimental nostalgia trip that is not going to live up to expectations.
ever5body is going to disapointeeeeed.

DigitalRaptor1197d ago (Edited 1197d ago )

Considering most actual Shenmue fans would be happy with a direct continuation of the series on a Dreamcast with the exact same mechanics, graphics and features - I think it will be a great thing for fans that they are getting more.

You could argue that the game will not be up to modern open-world standards and fail fans' expectations because of it. I will argue that there hasn't been an open-world game like Shenmue in 14 years, and fans will be perfectly happy with a continuation of the story in an environment that mirrors the detail of Dobuita and provides lessons in culture of a place like in the previous games.

HeartlessGamer1198d ago

DLC under consideration? Please no

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