Early Access Preview: Armored Warfare is Almost Exactly Like World of Tanks - PC Gaming Enthusiast

Matthew Marinett takes a look at the early access game play of Armored Warfare. He writes:

"I thought for some time about what to make the headline of this article. There were a lot of other options, but none summed up the experience of playing Armored Warfare quite as succinctly. Yes, there are minor differences between Armored Warfare and World of Tanks, and I could have made the headline “Armored Warfare is World of Tanks with Modern Tanks” or “Armored Warfare is a Prettier World of Tanks.” These headlines would be true in a strict sense, but in my view, they would be misleading. They would suggest that there is some iota of creativity or originality to what is, above all, a soulless imitation."

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LaWiiG1197d ago

I am disappoint. The game looked cool. The other ps1 era tank games are the only ones that seemed to get the job done. Now these free to play just try and grab money for their microtransactions, smh.