Report says women who play violent games feel more attractive, but hold the phone

The Fresno Bee's Rory Appleton discusses an Australian study that said women who more violent games feel more attractive than those who don't with the help of partnered Twitch streamer Kate Strong. He also looks at the findings that men and women who play more of these games are much more interested in sex.

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Sureshot1200d ago

Is that why attractive women always punch me in the face?

Heyxyz1199d ago

Everything makes sense now!

poppinslops1199d ago

The sexiest, most-violent gamer girl I've ever known committed suicide... she was the highest-ranked Kane and Lynch player in the Southern Hemisphere (which was her way of saying '27th best player in the world') and she was georgeous (an actual model).

Study shmuddy.

Ripsta7th1199d ago

Haha can u tell that joke again

TwoForce1199d ago

Ok. That's something need to be discuss.

Spotie1199d ago

Kinda hard to type on my laptop if I'm holding a phone.

1199d ago
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