The truth behind GoldenEye 007’s “uncompressed” soundtrack

"Chances are you may have seen the internet explode when YouTube user Video Game Tracks uploaded original, “uncompressed” tracks from the soundtrack to revolutionary 1997 Nintendo 64 first-person shooter, GoldenEye 007.

The versions of “Archives,” “Bunker,” “Cradle,” “Frigate,” “Perimeter,” “Statue” and “Streets” you’ll hear in that YouTube video will be noticeably clearer and crisper than the heavily compressed compositions we ended up hearing on the original cartridge.

The tracks themselves indeed sound amazing, and give the tunes we’re so used to a breath of new life. Unfortunately though, as is the case when it comes to a lot of internet phenomena, there was a bit of misinformation being spread regarding the origin of these tracks." - Patrick Kulikowski

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