Assassin's Creed Syndicate Gets New Animated Trailer; Info from SDCC Panel

Ubisoft just hosted a Assassin's Creed Syndicate panel at San Diego Comic Con. The panel was hosted by actor Jeff Leach, and starred Creative Director Marc-Alexis Côté and voice actors Paul Amos and Victoria Atkin, who lend their voices to the two protagonists, Jacob and Evie Fry.

Film Director F Gary Gray and pencilist Pop Mhan were also present, as the authors of a new animated short dedicated to the game.

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starchild1221d ago

Cool animated trailer. I like the premise of this game.

bixxel1218d ago

I wish we get a Walking Dead The Game -esque Assassins creed game..

ab5olut10n1221d ago

I'm pretty excited for this.

Jmanzare1220d ago

Looks good but definitely not a day one for me. There are too many games coming out this fall and ubisoft has to win back their fans after the mess that was unity. Take out all of the bugs and its still a mediocre game

brando0081220d ago

Looks better than I expected