Final Fantasy XIV PS4 Version’s Graphics Might Be Improved; 3.1 Patch Details and More Shared

Today Square Enix broadcasted the new Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Letter from the Producer Live, and Producer Naoki Yoshida provided quite a lot of information on what you can expect for the future of the game.

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stragomccloud1291d ago

I can't imagine by much, the game has a heck of a time maintaining framerates. Inside of dungeons and raids; however, I imagine it'd be possible.

Jubez1871291d ago

Yea a busy/snow scene in Dravania can really kill your frames..really ever have a problem with dungeons though.

The problem is that they kept shadows on for PS4. I don't know why they would ever do that. Shadows are the number 1 frame killer.