Daybreak CEO Publicly Challenges Lizard Squad… A Poor CEO Decision

GamerVet gives his opinion why John Smedley's recent public response to Lizard Squad is a bad decision.

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Ashlen1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

What is this writer talking about?

He and every other CEO and gamer/citizen should be offended by the slap on the wrist these guys got. They cost society millions of dollars and were punished less than many misdemeanor crimes with damages less than $500.

hockeyglory1293d ago

Lots of companies and CEOs and VPs have issues, you don't see many publicly rant on Reddit. It just shows weakness and lack of control.

XboxOneX1293d ago

Do you think him saying Lizard Squad should have got more punishment is him being weak? They targeted him personally and went after his family.

He is far from weak.

Yahdaree1292d ago

So in your opinion Smedley should roll over and take it? I think hes playing it correctly. its highlighting the issue and bringing people together. In my opinion, your opinion sucks.

DanielGearSolid1293d ago

I guess the writer wants ppl to bow down to Lizard Squad

SilentNegotiator1293d ago

We should just give terrorists parole, too. And then give them backrubs to make sure they're nice to us.

1293d ago
-Foxtrot1293d ago

Can't win can you. You either let them walk all over you while they get a slap on the wrist OR you stand up to them only to be targeted by them BECAUSE they know all they are going to get is a slap on the wrist.

Oh yeah and don't forget a high paying security job.

hockeyglory1293d ago

You guys are missing the point. As CEO he should be handling it better.... more maturely and behind the scenes.

Ranting on Reddit about swatting, credit applications and also business issues shows he doesn't have things under control.

The last thing any CEO should be doing is publicly telling the world he can't handle anything.

Ashlen1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

I just disagree, I think people should be speaking out even if it makes them a target.

It needs to be shown that public opinion is that this was a poor resolution to the situation, even if that takes the form of angry reddit posts.

hockeyglory1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

You may be right. Maybe his approach is more effective than trying to resolve it behind the scenes.

But let's face it, this just attracts more attention. And I doubt people will suddenly support his cause by buying more games to help out Daybreak.

With that in hand, his company better be prepared for anything that comes his way because if things falter, he's got a big studio with lots of employees he's responsible for. And having LS hit Daybreak with a more focused attack just aggravates gamers. In turn, can lead to loss of games and jobs.

Ashlen1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

It's not about selling more games it's about proper justice to prevent this type of thing from happening again in the future.

The thing that will keep these attacks happening more than calling them out is apathy.

If we say hey you can cause society millions of dollars in damages and then be rewarded by the state your only encouraging this type of crime.

If this guy had been slapped with a 20 year sentence and 20 million dollars in fines I promise you other people who think like these guys would be having second thoughts about doing it.

Now there just like "Oh, I can do this type of stuff and basically there will be no punishment." "Why not do it?"

OB1Biker1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

He was straightforwards (and has nothing to hide) and gamers need to know they are not taken hostages without consequences for the criminals.

Instead of blaming the victim you should ask for everyone to support him with no 'fear' of retaliation from these... well terrorism is what they actually do

hockeyglory1293d ago

The problem is much of his issues are coming from attacks on his personal side of things. Less so on the gaming front.

Not surprisingly, LS unleashed more DDOS attacks since his Reddit turning his games into a shytstorm. Check out Daybreak Games Twitter, they are going overboard on game service status.

That's why you don't air dirty laundry publicly as it affects the broader spectrum.... which is the company, games, gamers and employees.

OB1Biker1293d ago


'The problem is much of his issues are coming from attacks on his personal side of things. Less so on the gaming front. '
Your contradicting yourself there since in the article you say Kaz Hirai or Phil Spencer dont go publicly challenging DDOS attackers. (well they have no reason to make it personal)
Im sorry but any one getting personally targeted has every right to complain publicly and like you said yourself in the article DDOS attacks happens all the time

Christopher1293d ago

I'd agree with you if these guys hadn't:

- Downed his plane
- Sent him pictures of his father's grave
- Ruined his credit rating
- Ruined his family's credit rating
- Swatted him multiple times
- Had fake tax returns filed

None of this is "child on the Internet" stuff and the kid deserves to see hard time for what he's done.

yewles11293d ago

The father's grave bit should've been the last straw. This is no longer about hacking, this is now officially STALKING, and it's bordering on aggravated at this moment.

MasterCornholio1293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

"Sent him pictures of his father's grave"

Holy crap.


These guys are a real threat then.

I take take as a death threat worth calling the police for.

thejigisup1293d ago

He definitely didn't submit this on reddit

slappy5081293d ago (Edited 1293d ago )

Then go be a CEO and show everyone how it's done. You f*cking couch activists are staring to piss me off.
voted story quality as WTF like website? hell no!

Yahdaree1292d ago

You're way off. He needs to be as publicly vocal as possible, that's how support and awareness is raised.

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GameBoyColor1293d ago

A "bad decision" is giving them free stuff thinking they'd stop. This guy has the right as a person to let his feelings be heard.

PSN_ZeroOnyx1293d ago

Perhaps he is baiting them in hopes the next time comes with a stiffer punishment.

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