Two Worlds Limited Edition Pack

First of all, there's a miniature metal version of the fabulous "Kilgorin" sword that appears in the game - it's 27.6 cm long and quite simply a work of art for an letter opener! Then there's a T-shirt and a card game (55 sheets), both with the exclusive "Two Worlds" design - but that's not all! The magic box also contains a double-sided poster in A2 format with a beautifully-worked map and some truly dazzling artwork!

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Dusk4329d ago

Why wasn't there a Saints Row limited edition pack that came with a forty?

THWIP4329d ago

This game must be much further along than I though, if they're already showing retail packaging and such. ???

Cool....I just finished Knights of the Nine on Oblivion last night, so I have this to look forward to. :)

Anerythristic264329d ago

Isn't Two Worlds that game that is in the same mold as Oblivion ? I really like this limited edition pack.

THWIP4329d ago

...but it IS a fantasy RPG.

It will be the first of it's kind, to offer online battles (without being an MMO), and it will have more traditional classes/creatures, based off of the D&D world (unofficially, of course).

SuperSaiyan44329d ago

No where does it show anything for the Xbox 360!

Anerythristic264329d ago

It was announced for the 360 a long time ago. Ther is a 360 preview for this game in this months Game Informer magazine.

GTProwler4329d ago (Edited 4329d ago )


Optimus Prime4329d ago

srry, you got your panties in a twist for nothing, it is already announced for 360

USMChardcharger4329d ago

the screen shots make it seem like oblivion but it is not.
-it has online play.
-i think you are more geared towards fighter type charaters (you are a mercenary).
-you can change the world by choices you make...say you come upon a city being attacked by ogers...well you can open the gates for the ogers and come back to find the town populated with ogers.
-also i heard you can set up traps for enemies...i guess like Fry Cry.
-they have an offical site that gives you everything i am saying plus more.
-i think it is a little bit more story driven than oblivion.

hey knights of the nine worth the extra dough?

Anerythristic264329d ago

In the preview this month in the magazine I read , it says that there is a mission that if completed unlocks Necromancy magic for the gameworld , but the catch is if you complete it then all characters not just you can use this type of magic. If you chose not to complete the mission , there will be no Necromancy at all in the game world , essentially if you don't want to deal with it you don't have to , if you like skeleton warriors , by all means go ahead. You have a huge effect on the game world.

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