Whispering Willows Review (PS4/PSVita): Welcome To A Maniac's Mansion | Short Pause

Short Pause: "Despite being relatively short, there is still a pretty engaging story to be found in Whispering Willows, another prime example that casual games can still deliver strong narratives that rival those of AAA titles. Read on for more!"

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tazmeah1223d ago

Since I'm not a fan of fright-fests like PT or Outlast, and a avid fan of adventure games, I'm actually considering this title. Even at $9.99 for PS Plus members, a good story goes a long ways with me, and the art style is quite appealing as well.

Shadowolf1223d ago

I'm with on that, a well told narrative is always a good time. I've actually had my eye on this one for awhile as well. Might be time to make the investment.

TheDude791223d ago (Edited 1223d ago )

If you dig casual and hardcore games alike, enjoy strong narratives, and have a liking for creepy games, I can't recommend this game enough :) It won't be for all gamers, but there will be a select group of them who will really enjoy and appreciate what the developers were going for.

KryptoniteTail1223d ago

I got it and it seems fun. I barely booted it up but it has terrible art and animation, at least in cut scenes. Regardless I think I will like it.